JEWISH Liberal TERROR: Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter said … we won’t back off and we’ll protect our c hildren – My Analysis


[An American lady sent me this quote. The "Terror of Ideology" is really a JEWISH TERROR that is at work. When Whites think in their normal, racial, nationalistic, state way, then this clashes with Jewish Global crap thinking. All Whites need to be themselves. Jews are NATURALLY NATION DESTROYERS. I do not think that Whites should ever allow Jews into a country. JEWS WILL TEAR A COUNTRY APART. This is a natural consquence of the way they work, and when they rip it apart they flee from the hell they have created – if they don't gain power. If they gain power then they unleash a totalitarian state on Whites. We cannot co-exist with these filth. Jan]

Europe is now under a “terror of ideology” in which people rejecting “the liberal mainstream’s” ideas and insisting on traditional values will “immediately find themselves under unbelievable pressure”, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Wednesday.

“Liberal mainstream” politicians and their media have “started recklessly spreading lies concerning a law aimed at protecting Hungarian children”, Szijjártó said, adding that “not a single word of theirs is true”. He also added that “we won’t back off and we’ll protect our children”.

Thirteen European Union member states in a joint statement condemned Hungary’s recent anti-pedophilia law as one violating the right to free expression and as “an example of harsh discrimination” based on sexual orientation.

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