JEWISH HAG Bette Midler attacks APARTHEID – Calls Musk a RACIST! – Throws Temper Tantrum After Elon Musk Reinstates Donald Trump On Twitter – My Comments

[This is too funny. The disgusting old Jewish hag finally hauls out the APARTHEID CARD to hit Elon Musk with!!! It's wonderful watching these worthless scum Jew losers! Let the disgusting old sack of shit cry and moan. Elon Musk is more true to AMERICAN VALUES than any old Jew rat. Why doesn't she go and live in the fake Jew state of Israel – with it's fake history of fake Jewish achievements. Race of lying scum. She says Musk is not American, well I don't care that she was born in America. Her freaking values are DEFINITELY NOT WHITE AMERICAN! Jan]

Hollywood star Bette Midler threw an anti-immigrant temper tantrum after the richest and smartest man in the world overruled the Dems and let former President Donald Trump back on Twitter.

Musk let the people vote if he should lift the Trump ban. Midler got nervous and urged her followers to vote no on Trump. She said: “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This a**hole is going to give that lying sack of sh*t another crack at the brass ring! Vote NO to reinstate him on TWITTER!

After she lost the vote Musk said: “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” Midler was not happy and threw a temper tantrum saying:

“A tragic day for #America, which Elon doesn’t understand, because at heart, he’s not American, any more than #Murdoch is.

“An illegal immigrant, raised in Apartheid SA, he’s just fine with racism & hate. His fake Vox Populi! He was always going to let him back: he needs the eyes.

“Mark Burnett, a native Brit, came to the U.S. illegally, with ‘no money, no green card, no nothing.’

“He then took a habitually failing businessman and turned him into a pretend savant for TV.

“Afterward, #RupertMurdoch, a native Australian, gave Trump an even larger audience, The loyal viewers of #FoxNews, and the readers of the New York Post.

“Trump has called immigration the enemy of great cultures.

“Given all that Burnett and Murdoch have done, through Trump, to destroy American culture, and its Democracy,

“I am inclined to agree with him.”


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