Jewish degeneracy knows NO LIMITS! – Incest & Talking Vaginas…


There’s no end to the degeneracy of the Jews. Apparently on Netflix there’s a movie coming out “Big Mouth” which is actually an animated, speaking vagina.

But don’t worry… the Jews are ALSO giving INCEST the big thumbs up! No kidding. Jews are encouraging people to have sex with their family members and apparently there’s even a mother whose hoping to have a baby fathered by her own son. When it comes to sex as a diversion, there is no level the Jews won’t sink to.

I’ve heard of brothels in Germany for dog sex and bestiality. Rest assured that’s what the Jews want for Germans because they don’t want Germans to have white kids. Ergo modern Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe – the TOTAL OPPOSITE of Adolf Hitler’s days. I strongly suspect there is nothing wrong with Germans – but if you receive an education and a staple media diet of JEWISH HATRED throughout your life your self-esteem will take a beating.

But don’t worry … the answer to ALL of life’s problems (in my view) is: WHITE MEN WITH GUNS!!

White men with guns can fix any society on any continent at any time. We’ve done it before and we will need to do it again! 14/88

On the social media when I posted this story, and American lady named Tina wrote the following to me:

German bestiality brothel? Gross. Just as long as Jewish women aren’t doing it, right? Years ago, I was living on the West Coast and I saw the adult sex scene, from adult video stores to San Francisco night clubs. One night, my friends and I were talking about this porn star, named “Mila, the Queen of Nasty”. Anyhow, this older Jewish guy I knew said that he didn’t like Mila and the idea of a Jewish woman being so disgusting. He told me that he didn’t like seeing Jewish women lower themselves like that. I told him that he was mistaken, because Mila was Russian, not Jewish. He then informed me that she’s a Russian Jew, which I knew nothing about, (at the time). But that told me right there, these guys were all for white goyim chicks taking it in the ass from a multitude of men and beast, but they didn’t want their Jewish women being of any part of it. I heard it all for myself. Straight out of the horse’s mouth!

This is why I believe that David Duke speaks the truth!

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