Jewish censorship of Bitchute: Banned White Groups: Nordic Resistance & Golden Dawn

[Nordic Resistance are AWESOME!!! I am amazed that they are banned, but then again, Jews ban anyone who is doing good work! And then there is the legendary, Greek movement, Golden Dawn which has taken many beatings and lots of nasty Jewish treatment and trickery over the years. This is what Bitchute published in their entry of "Prohibited List". They mention those two plus a group I'd never heard of called: "Order of the Nine Angles" from Britain! Censorship, censorship, censorship… Jews are doing all they can to kill Bitchute – the best thing that ever came out of Britain. Jan]

Prohibited Entities List

The following table shows the entities that BitChute has independently identified and explicitly prohibited on the platform under the Terrorism & Violent Extremism guideline. Posting material produced by, endorsing, empowering, or otherwise promoting these entities is not permitted on the platform.

Entity Name Alternative Names
Golden Dawn
Nordic Resistance Movement Suomen Vastarintaliike (Finnish Resistance Movement), Norske Motstandsbevegelsen (Norwegian Resistance Movement), Svenska Motståndsrörelsen (Swedish Resistance Movement), Nordisk Styrka (Nordic Strength)
Order of Nine Angles

It is recommended that creators check this list regularly to ensure that do not post material that violates this policy.


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