Jewish Britain: A Major Rift in the Royal Family over Idiotic Prince Harry and his bitch?


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[This excerpt from an article does seem to suggest there is some internal problem. This could be a good sign actually. 

I think Prince Harry, is a plain idiot, to put it mildly. Decades from now he may regret his many stupid moves.
I think Liberalism though is reaching a point where its tearing apart all the things that we accept about nation states, as created by whites. And now everyone thinks the world is a place where you can just do what you want. They don't take their duties seriously.
This may be a good sign that Liberalism itself is destroying and rotting everything … its even rotting the rotting old monarchy in the UK. Now all this stupid talk, and stupid values and diversity, etc has reached a point where it basically means that there is no need to be loyal or patriotic or to have any deeper values that whites used to have.
I think white men need to take control of the world, smash the Jews, crush diversity and bring back REALITY. Hang the fucking Politicians, shoot the billionaires … etc. Liberalism has taken us to our death bed. There's nothing left. Excellent. Let everything fall apart so white men can seize their territory and EVERYTHING. Jan]

Here is a short bit mentioning tension in the stupid family:
‘Major rift’

BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond said the fact palace officials said they were “disappointed” is “pretty strong”.

“I think it indicates a real strength of feeling in the palace tonight – maybe not so much about what has been done but about how it has been done – and the lack of consultation I think will sting.

“This is clearly a major rift between Harry and Meghan on one part, and the rest of the Royal Family on the other.”


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