JEWISH BRAINWASHING IN UK: British Government to force through Holocaust Memorial plan

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[Jews need to BRAINWASH the Children at the earliest. That's why they build these filthy Holocaust museums. I think these Jewish holocaust museums should be SHUT DOWN or even BANNED outright across the Western world. We even have such nonsense here in South Africa can you believe? And there's also an Apartheid museum owned by a JEW! Jews need to brainwash as many people as they can and that's why they put up these disgusting buildings. If anyone ever gets a chance it would be nice to know how many of these disgusting lying buildings exist in the world. Alex Linder and I were talking earlier and he guessed there might be a thousand. I would not be surprised. There have to be several hundred AT THE VERY LEAST. These are just buildings where the Jews get to lie about Hitler and Germans. Jan]

This afternoon Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – no doubt grateful for any distraction from his failing government’s record – announced that he would bring in legislation to enforce the construction of a huge ‘Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre’, obliterating Victoria Tower Gardens, a park adjacent to Parliament.

This vastly expensive project has been controversial since it was first proposed during the summer of 2016. We have had four different Prime Ministers since that announcement, but all have remained committed to spending vast sums of public money on this ‘Memorial’. At first the bill to the public purse was said to be £50 million. It has now risen to at least £75 million, at a time of stringent cutbacks to essential public services. The overall cost (including private funding) will be more than £100 million.

The original proposal for a far more modest London Holocaust Memorial – first raised in 1979 – was strongly opposed by three senior Cabinet ministers and by Britain’s leading diplomats. Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington wrote to colleagues: “The whole idea is preposterous”.

In 2019 I submitted a detailed report to Westminster’s planning committee, revealing the full story behind the original memorial plans, and the reasons for senior ministers’ objections, which are even more valid in relation to the vast project now under consideration.

The planning committee went on to rule against the Memorial. Central government stepped in to overrule them, but ministers were themselves overruled in the courts.

Now the present Prime Minister plans legislation to remove the legal obstacles and enforce construction of the memorial.

This website will cover the proposed legislation in some detail and (as with the earlier applications) will combat this grotesque proposed ‘Memorial & Learning Centre’, just as we opposed the earlier plans.

Most of all, we shall expose the true agenda behind the promotion of the new religious cult of ‘Holocaustianity’, and the real historical background that will doubtless be ignored by the ‘Learning Centre’

Politicians and officials in London, until recently, had the courage to tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust’ lobby.

Julian Bullard was a British diplomat with vast experience of the Middle East. Bullard argued that there was “no particular reason” for a Holocaust Memorial on Crown land in London, and saw it as part of a pro-Israel propaganda drive.

To give just one example: Julian Bullard was Political Director of the Foreign Office at the time of the very first proposed London Holocaust Memorial in 1979-80. He wrote to senior colleagues:

“I continue to see no particular reason why Crown land in London should be used for a memorial to events which did not take place on British territory or involve a large part of the British population. The lapse of time (now 35 years) prompts the question why, if a memorial in Britain was desirable, it was not organised at the time, when the memory was greener.

“I continue to suspect that at least some of the sponsors of the project are hoping that, if realised, it would strengthen the idea that Britain has some sort of special responsibility towards Israel on account of the events of 1933 to 1945, and that these events are or should be still a factor in British policy in the Middle East. A perhaps even more unworthy thought is that some of the sponsors may be deliberately throwing down a challenge to anti-semitic elements in this country.”

Sir John Graham, who was then the most senior British diplomat dealing with Middle East affairs, wrote:

“I fully share Mr Bullard’s doubts. Why should not the Jewish Community buy a site and erect a memorial if they wish? Would we permit a monument to Deir Yassin in a Royal Park? And yet our responsibility for that massacre was as close (or as distant) as for the massacre of the Jews by Hitler.”

Deir Yassin was of course the massacre of Palestinian Arabs by Jewish terrorists in April 1948, as part of the Zionist campaign of murder and mayhem leading to the creation of the State of Israel.

Keep checking the Real History website for updates on our campaign for historical truth. 2023 is going to be a busy year, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the British public becomes fully informed on these matters, rather than surrendering to mystification by self-serving distorters of history.


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