Jewish & BLM INSANITY: Since May 2020: 183 monuments, memorials, statues, and major historical markers defaced or pulled down – My Comments


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At least 183 monuments, memorials, statues, and major historical markers have been defaced or pulled down since protests began in May. While Confederate monuments have received the lion’s share of media coverage, they actually form a minority of the statues targeted.

By far the most popular target was Christopher Columbus, with 33 statues in total having been defaced and pulled down.

The next most popular targets were Robert E. Lee (9), Serra (8), and Thomas Jefferson (4).

The vast majority of the vandals were never charged, with 177 out of 183 instances having no arrests.

Most monuments torn down were not by protesters, but by city officials after pressure or threats from protesters.

By far the most common route for monuments being destroyed was for protesters to damage it, then the city quickly removing it as a “public safety” hazard, not to be returned.

For a majority of the statues removed, the fate of the artwork is currently unknown, while a minority have been moved to cemeteries and museums.

Here is the list as best as we can assemble it:

Monument to Marcus Daly, Butte, MT

Cemetery Monument to Confederate Soldiers, Savannah, GA

Memorial to Fallen Kansas City Police Officers, Kansas City, MO

Monument to Christopher Columbus, Chicago, IL

Statue of Jesus Christ, Miami, FL

Statue of Robert E. Lee, Antietam, MD

Union Veterans Monument, Saratoga, NY

Alexander Andreyevich Baranov Statue, Sitka, AK

Monument to Confederate Soldiers, Amarillo, TX

Confederate Statue, Oxford, MS

Numerous Religious Statues, Punta Gorda, FL

Statue of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, CA

Statue of Hiawatha, LaCrosse, WI

Statue of Thomas Ruffin, Raleigh, NC

Sampson County Confederate Monument, Clinton, NC

Statue of the Virgin Mary, Boston, MA

9-11 Memorial, Washingtonville, NY

Statue of Sophie B. Wright, New Orleans, LA

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Buffalo, NY

John McDonough Bust, New Orleans, LA

Bust of Colonel Charles Didier Dreux, New Orleans, LA

Joseph Bryan Statue, Richmond, VA

Fitzhugh Lee Cross, Richmond, VA

Historical Marker of David Dodd’s Execution, Little Rock, AR

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Statue, Richmond, VA

Courthouse Confederate Statue, Wadesboro, NC

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Trenton, NJ

Columbus’ Last Appeal to Queen Isabella, Sacramento, CA

Statue of JEB Stuart, Richmond VA

Statue of Andrew Jackson, Jackson, MS

Henry County Confederate Monument,

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Bridgeport, CT

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus, WI

Statue of John Mason, Windsor, CT

Statue of Frederick Douglass, Rochester, NY

Monument to Judah Benjamin, Sarasota, FL

Confederate Mass Grave Monument, Greensboro, NC

Three Mississippi Confederate Monuments, MS

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Waterbury, CT

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Baltimore, MA

San Junipero Serra Statue, Sacramento, CA

Statue of the Virgin Mary, Gary, IN

Statue of Private Benjamin Welch Owens, Hampden, PA

Jenkins Monument, Hampden, PA

United Confederate Veterans Memorial, Seattle, WA

Civil War Historical Markers and Statues, McConnellsburg, PA

Mt. Zion Methodist Confederate Statue, Charlotte, NC

Matthew Fountain Maury Monument, Richmond, VA

Christopher Columbus Statue, Philadelphia, PA

Statue of George Whitefield, Philadelphia, PA

Elk (wildlife statue), Portland, OR

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Austin, TX

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus, OH

Robert E. Lee Memorial, Roanoke, VA

Stonewall Jackson Monument, Richmond, VA

Emancipation Memorial, Boston, MA

San Junipero Serra Statue, San Gabriel, CA

Confederate Cemetery Memorial, Fayetteville, NC

Confederate Monument, Orangeburg, SC

Rockdale County Confederate Monument, Conyers, GA

Nash County Confederate Monument, Rocky Mount, NC

3 Cemetery Statues, Frederick, MD

Lee Square Confederate Monument, Pensacola, Florida

Our Confederate Soldiers, Beaumont, TX

Statue of Columbus, Hartford, CT

Kanawha Riflemen Memorial, Charleston, WV

To Our Confederate Dead, Louisburg, NC

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Atlantic City, NJ

Monument to Fallen Confederate Soldiers, Fayetteville, AR

Ten Commandments (several locations)

Statue of Christopher Columbus

Loudoun County Confederate Monument, Leesburg, VA

Soldiers Monument (Union), Santa Fe, NM

Pioneer Fountain, Denver, CO

Denton Confederate Soldier Monument, TX

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Norwalk, CT

Monument to Confederate Veterans and Statue of George Wallace, Wilmington, NC

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Providence, RI

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Newark, NJ

Civil War Monument (Union), Denver, CO

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Philadelphia, PA

Statue of Christopher Columbus, New Haven, CT

Confederate War Memorial, Dallas, TX

Statue of Thomas Jefferson, Long Island, NY

Bust of Washington, Washington DC

‘Forward’ Statue (feminism monument), Madison, WI

John C. Calhoun Monument, Charleston, SC

American Receiving the Gift of Nations, Camden, NJ

“Obscured” at the Rutgers College

Statue of Juan Junipero Serra, Carmel, CA

Statue of Juan Junipero Serra, San Louis Opiso Missionary, CA

‘To Our Confederate Dead’ Monument, Louisburg NC

Confederate Memorial Obelisk, St. Augustine, FL

Pitt County Confederate Soldiers Monument, Greenville, NC

Statue of Henry Lawson Wyatt, Monument to North Carolina Women of the Confederacy, Raleigh NC

Statue of Juan Junipero Serra, Los Angeles, CA

Pine Bluff Confederate Monument, Pine Bluff, AR

Gloria Victis, Salisbury, NC

North Carolina State Confederate Monument, Raleigh, NC

Statue of Albert Pike, Washington DC

Statue of Francis Scott Key, San Francisco, CA

Bust of Ulysses S. Grant, San Francisco, CA

Statue of Juan Junipero Serra, San Francisco, CA

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Houston, TX

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus OH

Statue of George Preston Marshall (National Football League), Washington, DC

Statue of Juan Junipero Serra, Ventura, CA

Memorial to Company A, Capital Guards, Little Rock, AR

Statue of George Washington, Portland, OR

DeKalb County Confederate Monument, Decatur, GA

Kit Carson Obelisk, Santa Fe, NM

Captain William Clark Monument, Portland, OR

Statue of Diego de Vargas, Santa Fe, NM

Gravestone of Unknown Confederate Soldiers, Silver Spring, MD

Spirit of the Confederacy, Houston, TX

Jefferson Davis Memorial, Brownsville, TX

Vance Monument, Asheville, NC

Norfolk Confederate Monument, Norfolk, VA

Statue of University of Nevada at Las Vegas mascot,

Statue of Juan de Onate, Albuquerque, NM

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus, OH

Statue of Christopher Columbus, St. Louis, MS

Statue of Josephus Daniels, Raleigh, NC

Statue of John Sutter, Sacramento, NC

Confederate Mass Grave Marker, Clarksville, TN

Equestrian Statue of Juan de Onate, Alcade, NM

Bust of Christopher Columbus, Detroit, MI

Statue of Thomas Jefferson, Portland, OR

The Pioneer, Eugene, OR

The Pioneer Mother, Eugene, OR

Bust of John McDonough, New Orleans, LA

Christopher Columbus Monument, West Orange, NJ

Stand Waitie Monument, Tahlequah, OK

Stand Waitie Fountain, Tahlequah, OK

Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial, Dover, DE

Equestrian Statue of Caesar Rodney, Wilmington, DE

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbia, SC

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Wilmington,

Statue of Phillip Schuyler, Albany, NY

Richmond Police Memorial, Richmond, VA

Statue of Christopher Columbus, New London, CT

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Camden, NJ

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Boston, MA

Gadsden Confederate Memorial

Statue of Jerry Richardson (National Football League), Charlotte NC

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Minneapolis, MN

Statue of Jefferson Davis, Richmond, VA

Confederate Monument, Jacksonville, FL

Monument to the Women of the Southland, Jacksonville, FL

Cemetery Grandstand for Confederate Soldiers, Eight Historical Markers, 23 Informational Signs, and 53 Tree Signs, Jacksonville, FL

Statue of Christopher Columbus, Richmond, VA

Confederate Monument, Portsmouth, VA

Statue of Sam Davis, Nashville, TN

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis, IN

Statue of John Breckinridge Castleman, Louisville, KY

Frank Rizzo Mural, Philadelphia, PA

University of Kentucky Mural, Lexington, KY

Statue of Orville Hubbard, Dearborn, MI

Robert E. Lee Memorial, Roanake, VA

Statue of Raphael Semmes, Mobile, AL

Sacred Heart Statue, Wasco, CA

Statues of Jesus Christ (numerous Catholic Ccurches),

Texas Ranger, Dallas, TX

Athens Confederate Monument, Athens, GA

Statue of Thomas Jefferson, Birmingham, AL

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Birmingham, AL

Robert E. Lee Bust, Fort Myers, FL

Statue of Robert E .Lee, Montgomery, AL

Bentonville Confederate Monument, Bentonville, AR

Statue of Charles Linn, Birmingham, AL

Statue of Edward Carmack, Nashville, TN

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