Jewish Black Magic & needless cruelty to animals: Judaic practice of Kapparot on Chickens

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[I have seen photos of Jewish doing this stupid thing but I never knew its name or purpose. One of my readers left this interesting comment about it. This is basically nothing more than Jewish voodoo and nonsense. Why we whites tolerate such nonsense I don't know. These practises are junk, like Kosher slaughter and should be banned outright. Jan]

The reader, Mothman, wrote:

The nastiest thing of all is that the Judaic practice of Kapparot is black magic involving bloodwork, a bit like the fictional Jesus taking on all the sins of his followers, but here, the chickens each become an involuntary little Jesus for each of the Jews each year, so whatever the sins the Jews have committed, and whatever negative karmic connections they have accrued like strands of dark fibre connected to their subtle bodies, or auras, these are disconnected from the Jewish perpetrators each year by this rabbinical ritual, no matter what their sins, whether they be of genocide, rape, murder, fraud, robbery, etc, and then the auric attachments are then reattached, but now onto the bodies of the chickens instead, so that the chickens, when they are reborn, are all continually forced to suffer all the negative karma for the Jews even though the chickens are entirely innocent of all the nasty things that the Jews have done.

What a truly, sick, shitty, dementedly hateful, abusive and demonic form of black magic Judaism is, the absolute lowest of the low, not a form of actual spirituality in any way at all, just a criminal form of exploitation and abuse, nothing more.

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