Jew rats at work: Klain: Biden administration wants to keep baby murder (abortion) alive…


[An American sent this note about this high level Biden appointee who is a Jew. Jan]

He wrote:


Here’s another HUGE surprise, a top biden appointee is a f*cking lawyer jewrat, and SURPRISE SURPRISE hes trying to make sure women can still murder their babies in Texas.

Oddly(jest), he uses typical jew satanic word-smithing to NOT say "abortion" or "kill" and instead says stuff like "women’s health" and "constitutional rights". Lol.
He TOTALLY fooled me !!

He also goes out of his way to say that Biden has a "gender studies" group at the white house… kind of odd since there are no longer any genders,
isn’t it ??

I mean if all genders are the same/equal and are "one", then what the fuck needs to be studied ??

Another BIG SURPRISE is that the interviewer here, Dana Bash, GUSHES to this ratjew lawyer that he knows more about the law than anyone and COHENcidentally, this filthy lying cunt is also a fucking filthy jewrat.

The entire race of these jews is one evil organism(like a pack of hyenas or a nest of termites).
It has only 1 soul and mind and objective and thats the soul and mind of satan and the objective of annihilation of whites and Christians. OVENS…we really need big hot ovens…

The story he is referring to above is this one:

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