Jan’s older videos are not working … If my Websites go down – What happens to my videos?

[One of my readers made the points and comments below about my older videos. This is interesting. This is one of the reasons why I've been working like a fiend this week to try to solve certain problems. I have divided my videos into 2 sections – simply to spread the load on different servers, and a few days ago, I began to realise that the smaller of the 2 sections looks like it is NOT WORKING. It is good to hear from a reader confirming this, because I was unaware of this until several days ago. I am trying, DESPERATELY to fix the problem. I am in the midst of some serious technical work in this regard. So hang in there. I will fix this as soon as possible. One of my younger supporters in SA also raised the issue with me, about what happens if my websites go down for good? What about my content, especially my videos? My general rule has always been to warn people that my websites might not always be there and that it is good to save anything they like, especially the videos. In the event that my websites are finally put down, I would spread them freely and openly. I was discussing this with someone, and told him to tell folks not to worry. The videos are the first and foremost thing that must be spread widely and freely should my websites ever be taken down. I'm working slowly on videos currently because I am focusing on CRITICAL TASKS that I want to try to get done by the end of this year, and time is short. These tasks are very very very important. I need to fix stuff. I also need to shut certain servers down to contain costs, etc. So I'm working as fast as I can on the matter. Keeping the lines of communication open is CRITICAL TO ME. ALL WHITES MUST REALISE THIS: IF WE LOSE OUR FREE SPEECH AND IF WE LOSE OUR ABILITY TO INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER … WE'RE FINISHED … GOOD AS DEAD. KEEP THE TALKING GOING. DO NOT ACCEPT JEWISH SILENCE. JEWISH SILENCE IS DEATH FOR US AND THAT'S THE JEWISH GAME! FIGHT IT TOOTH AND NAIL. Jan]

From my supporter:
PS Jan, None of Your older video’s are working I was trying to watch "Saint Dylan, Jewish Mask "and part 2 is missing of the jewish Mask" and part one of the "jewish Mask" is not working , I see You are aware of the Harassment and the HOAXSTERS Hacking Your Site . I just thought that maybe You should no that MR. Tom Metzner videos won’t come up and I was looking for some Education on DR. Goebbels and cannot find anything …….. LOVE YOUR TEACHING and WORK ……..

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