Isolating Putin: Turkey’s Erdogan is back-stabbing Putin? – Turkey hands Ukrainian NAZIS back! – S.Africa back-stabbed Putin

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I was very surprised that Russia sent all the Ukrainian Azov NAZIs to Turkey. I’m not sure why. But Turkey had all the top AZOV NAZIS. Then Turkey handed them over to Ukraine without asking for permission! This is a strange arrangement and the question is why did Putin do this?

So this pissed off Putin. But why did he do this to begin with? Why didn’t he keep them in Russia? So there’s some weird shit going on.

Then Turkey said it would use its fleet to safeguard the shipping in the Black Sea for grain trading purposes.

Finally, Turkey is selling a lot of their drones to Ukraine.

It seems as if the West is coaxing Turkey away from Russia and finally Erdogan is back-stabbing Putin.

Turkey also has an amazingly big army. And they are a threat to our European brothers, the Greeks.

I don’t like the idea of Turkey in NATO, but it seems as if the USA is pushing things in that direction and it’s making headway. I’m not keen on the idea.

But the goal seems to be to isolate Putin. The Blacks of South Africa also eventually had to backstab Putin and so Putin is not coming to BRICS because SA is under pressure from the West, especially the USA to ARREST HIM.

This shows the weakness of the Black Jew Ramaphosa.

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