Is Trump going to have a bigger WIN or is he on the edge of losing? – Also: Alex Linder


[I received an email from one of the WN websites with an article about Trump losing. So I decided to write to the author, whom I am on good terms with, with some input that I think might help. The author was very worried that Trump will lose. Jan]

This is what I wrote:

I was chatting to Alex Linder on a show yesterday and I think Alex might have the answer re: Trump.

Alex says that people are too afraid to say how they will vote, and that is why the polls are wrong. He says people fear losing their jobs, etc and that is why the polls are wrong. I think he is on to something. When I watched a Trump rally in Arizona, Trump was predicting a bigger win than last time.

So maybe just look into these angles. There might be hope. I think Trump is going to make it.

If he doesn’t then I’ll be worried. But I think our folk are stirring there.

Take care


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