Is the Corona Virus in the long term excellent for Whites & the end of Jewish Liberalism/Globalism?


On Gab someone challenged me on my statements re: China.

Another white guy who agreed with me wrote:
Regardless of that, he’s right. Europe should start keeping some distance with these people. Even in the most rudimental sense; for example tourism…Chinese tourists have been flooding Europe lately and they ruin everything. You go to a museum and there they come, a group of twenty, and fuck, it’s over, these ant people will appropriate the place. And that’s just one aspect of it.

I replied:

Here in Africa, we’ve had many white tourists coming, including white girls, who, believing Liberal nonsense, come to dangerous places where even local whites would not go, and some terrible things have happened to them. I noticed in South Africa years ago, tourism companies would openly LIE about crime and safety, so that we get foreign tourists. That’s highly unprincipled, and whites have either been robbed or even killed here and in other parts of Africa.

I think whites beginning to realise that: “Western World=SAFE” is a very big step forward in dismantling Jewish Liberal nonsense. And it being China of all places, that the Jews and Liberals have been building up MASSIVELY… is even better.

Here in South Africa, billions of US dollars have begun fleeing the country, especially since 2019. I think even investors are getting scared. They realise: Black African Govts are LYING … you can’t TRUST anything.

The breakdown of TRUST is a great thing. It gets so bad that eventually nobody believes a word they say. The people who live inside the country, including large numbers of non-whites, don’t even believe the black leaders. This is excellent. That means the system is heading for the rocks.

This virus might be a very good thing. It will scare everyone and bring it to their DOORSTEP, and that will make whites re-evaluate all this rushing around to the Third world.

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