Is the Chinese economy imploding more than we think? – Did Taiwan shoot down a Chinese plane?


I have been coming across a number of videos being put out by someone on Youtube, which seem to have quite a bit of detailed info about things going on in China … all of which are negative for China.

But what I can’t form a firm opinion on, is how real this info is because I can’t find ANY of it corroborated anywhere. The nature of the info itself suggests it might be real, and that this might be someone with some good info …. but I’m not totally convinced.

For example I watched a story about new companies that were founded in China in 2020 which were expected to boom from the "work at home" culture due to Jewish COVID being here. But now all these companies are going bust.

There were other stories, the financial ones of which seemed like they were possibly real.

One of the most fascinating ones claimed that Taiwan had shot down a Chinese plane.

But none of this seemed verified, and could be the result of someone trying to give China bad publicity. I would like to believe some of it is true, but the story, especially the plane that was "shot down" might not be real.

So I’ll keep an eye open on this. From more reliable news sources, especially in India, I see lots of solid reporting on nasty stuff in China, which delights me.

I thought I would mention this in case some of you can throw more light on these matters.

I am delighted to see China taking some serious beatings and that is for real.

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