Is NAZISM the only honest system? – Are Jews harming Whites on a much bigger scale than Whites can perceive?

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S.Africa: AIDS madness: Blacks having sex with: Dogs, Goats and Donkeys
AIDS is making Blacks crazy in so many ways. First it was the raping of babies which has not stopped. But now they are turning to bestiality. I have mentioned such stories in the past and put them on the site.

Recently, as I have been reading, studying, thinking, etc – there are some things that are beginning to make me wonder that even those of us who are awake to the Jews, whether the Jews are screwing our race on a grander scale than even we realise?

My initial thinking had to do with the faking of Black success, and the faking of White failure. But as I sit and ponder many things, including Capitalism itself, I’m seriously beginning to think that we might appear to have weaknesses WHICH WE ACTUALLY DON’T HAVE … but what has ensnared us IS THE SYSTEM!

I am finding myself looking at Capitalism more and more, and wondering if we are being F*CKED OVER on a GIGANTIC SCALE. There are more and more things about so-called "Free Market Capitalism" that I am questioning. I am also asking myself whether Socialism, as in National Socialism, is not the ONLY SANE WAY forward? And that it may have massive power, but we don’t realise it yet. The more I view the NAZIs the more I think that their methods WERE THE ONLY SANE METHODS AND THE MOST EFFICIENT METHODS and that the net end result is massively powerful.

I’m finding myself questioning more, and more and more things – Things which I never had any intention of questioning, nor had a motive, nor interest in questioning. But upon more and more reflection, I’m thinking we’re being played and screwed over on a gigantic scale.

I will return to this when I have more solid thoughts. But I’m thinking, the ONLY HONEST SYSTEM WAS NAZISM.

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20 Pics: RAHOWA (White) RACIAL HOLY WAR: Excellent memes to spread among whites
I really am a huge fan of Ben Klassen and the Creativity Movement. It was Ben Klassen an almost South African sounding name but actually a German Ukrainian who moved to the USA, who invented the Whites only religion of Creativity and coined the phrase: RAHOWA Racial Holy War, for whites.

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