Is Keith Olbermann the rabid Liberal know-it-all a Jew?

[I quickly did a search on the Liberal shitbag, Keith Olbermann to see if he's a Jew. According to the Website Jew or Not a Jew, he scores 4, but is not an actual Jew. So he seems to be just a fooled, idiotic, deluded, moronic money-worshipping white whose mind has been rotted to the core. Asshole. Jan]

Keith Olbermann
Jew Score: 4

January 27, 1959 —
When we were in high school, we had a ritual every Monday morning. We would wake up a little early, and watch ESPN’s SportsCenter to catch up on Sunday’s results and highlights.
And the tag team of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann (Not a Jew. German Unitarian.) had a lot to do with it. The witty hosts made SportsCenter interesting. It became much more than just scores and statistics.

Then, we went off to college, and SportsCenter was no longer a priority. Besides, something called the "Internet" was invented. We could now click on highlights with one hand, and with the other… never mind.

By the time we got out of college, Olbermann had left ESPN to become a political pundit. He is now a big-headed liberal know-it-all on MSNBC (see, we can be fair, conservative readers).

Recently, he and Patrick reunited on NBC’s Sunday night football show in an attempt to relive their glory days. But it’s just not the same.

Nothing from high school ever is.

Verdict: Not a Jew.

January 12, 2010


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