Is Hitler still alive in Argentina? My Reply to someone on Gab


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I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

Someone on Gab was talking about Jeff Rense having a show about Hitler being alive in Argentina or something to that effect.

I replied as follows:
I’ve looked into it. I have a book about Hitler’s death. The Russians have his skull. If Hitler was alive, don’t you think the CIA, the US Army and British Army, MI6 would be hunting for him?????? Of course they would. He would be the prime guy to catch. This is Jewish nonsense. I used to know Jeff Rense personally, and was on his show many times. I even visited him in 2010. Generally he is good, but there are some things he puts on his shows where I question the facts. I think as a matter of principle Hitler would have killed himself.

Furthermore, there is a letter from Eva to her sister I think, where she explains why she is happy that they are going to kill themselves. I think I even published it on my website. But there is such a letter, and she says she is happy because the world under the Jews will be a dark world indeed. Goebels even wrote a prediction of what the world would be like in the year 2000. He published it in early 1945. He also killed his children and wife and himself. Goering surrendered to the Americans but notice that he took his cyanide capsule with him. The Germans had their cyanide capsules … very wise moves. And he took it before he was due to be hanged. The only guy who did not kill himself was Himmler, and according to David Irving, the British beat him to death once he’d surrendered. If Hitler was alive, The Russians, British and US, would be hunting him down like a dog. There’s no ways Hitler lived. He’d have been rounded up on short order. I am sure the CIA, MI6, etc have all followed up these leads long ago and known that its fake. Rest assured, every lead they got, they would have followed up on. Also Israel … Israel grabbed Eichmann, gave him a bogus trial and had him hanged. All the evidence was total rubbish. If Hitler was alive, don’t you think muh six trillion holocaust would be reason enough to hunt Hitler down and hang him in Israel? I assure you, the intelligence agencies have long ago followed up on every lead, and they, more than anyone know Hitler is dead and gone. They would not have given him one day’s rest if they knew it was him. Jews just want to keep NAZI stories alive. They need to keep reminding us of the six gorillion who were holocausted. Hitler knew full well, after they had shot and hanged Mussolini and his lover from meat hooks, that there would be no hope for him and Eva. I repeat, there is a letter Eva wrote, I think to her sister, explaining that she is happy they will commit suicide because the world to come would not be worth living in. And how right they were!!! These were whites of high intelligence. They knew the real deal. Think of poor Goebbels having to poison his own children, but it was the best. They would never have had one day of hope. Look at what happened to poor Rudolf Hess. In jail all his life and then suddenly “commits suicide at 93”. Nonsense. He too was murdered. These people would never have had a moment of justice. NEVER.

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