Is Handsome Truth of Goyim TV a Jew? – I’ve been WRONG about people I thought were enemy agents – e.g. Boeremag

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[This is a note I passed on to someone who said that HT is a Jew. He was spreading it on social media and I asked him if he had any evidence for it. He said he was just spreading the info because he got it from someone he trusted. I understand that. Even so I wrote this to him. Jan]

Yes please check with him to see if he has any firm information. I’ve heard this rumour a lot. But I want to see some evidence that we can look at. I don’t just spread info if I can’t check it myself. There are some people whose analysis is either bad or they are overly paranoid. I’ve met all kinds of people face to face in this movement, and I found that even my own paranoia was often very misplaced and wrong. There were people I called enemy agents, and many years later I met them face to face and by then I knew other people who filled me in on the matter. And I saw I was totally wrong. A good example for me is the BoereMag in South Africa. These days I’m much more wary about just calling people out. It can just be self-destructive to the White Right calling people enemy agents when in fact they aren’t. I have been pleasantly surprised to realise how many people in the movement are genuine despite appearing a bit weird at first. Once you meet them and find out more about them you begin to realise what they are like as people and they aren’t actually government agents or Jews in disguise. Jews who are in disguise cause real trouble. I’ve seen where Jews infiltrate the movement and then go on to write books or to spread stuff to cops. They move in and out and we never even noticed them. It is a tricky game. But lots of our people are quite fine actually. Take care.


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