Is George Washington the Final Boss of Heritage America? – My Comments

[I do think that if the Jews go after Washington, it should seriously make all normal Whites think hard. The Jews are getting ever bigger and bolder in what they are doing. What I like is how, through the massive scale of things they are doing, it affects more and more quiet Whites who were just minding their own business. Look at what COVID has achieved for example. Jan]

It is pretty fascinating to consider the near universal approval George Washington enjoys in the United States. Of course, this is true historically, the federal capital is named after him, as is a state that is far away from his Virginia home, and one that has long held radically different politics than he had. Though a Dixian and a Virginian, he has, for better or worse, become the “Founding Father for Everyone.” Critics of federal power have Thomas Jefferson and proponents of increasing federal power have Alexander Hamilton. However, in Washington, there is something for everyone to admire about him. There is a reason why he was so popular in his day and why he was chosen to lead the republic during its critical early period. Washington’s legacy even extends outside the United States. He was, and is, popular even in the United Kingdom. Pope Leo XIII, a reactionary with a taste for monarchy over republics, praised the “great Washington.” As I have grown older, I now consider any sort of an alliance with the Yankees as a mistake. Ideally, the Dixian states would have joined together and left the North out. To what extent it was ever going to work, it required a man of Washington’s sobriety.

Even as Globohomo has gone after an increasing number of great men, Washington has been generally left alone. Even back in the 1990s, the Far Left was very open about how much they despised Christopher Columbus and Nathaniel Bedford Forrest. Since then, they have gone after mainstream figures like Robert E. Lee (a man even Michael Sandel once could be ambivalent about), Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson. As soon as the Far Left manages to destroy the legacy of one great man, they move on to their next target. The attacks on Thomas Jefferson have just begun to enter the mainstream, and unless something happens, I suspect this will only increase. After Jefferson is destroyed, they will go after someone new. I am not sure who that next one will be, but I do surmise the final target of the Heritage America pantheon will be George Washington.

Considering his stature and near universal approval, it will be incredibly difficult. If it is successful, it would mean Heritage America is completely broken and can no longer defend any part of its history. During the Cultural Revolution in China, the young communists went as far as to attack Confucius’ grave. It is one of the most momentous events in Chinese history, as it revealed just how radical Mao was – there is no figure more important to Chinese history and identity than Confucius, and this centrality has survived multiple dynastic changes, including barbarian conquests and peasant uprisings. Mao was willing to break thousands of years of history. The mainstreaming of attacks on Washington would be an equivalent event for Heritage America.

As of right now, this has been confined to the margins. But as with the attacks on Columbus, Lee, and Jefferson, it will not stay there. All but the most deranged leftists know that to telegraph an attack on Washington stands a serious chance of waking up Whites and giving them a far bigger problem than they want to deal with. Only the most delusional and cowardly will think that they don’t desire the wholesale destruction of American history at that point. Now, of course, the same argument used to destroy the memory of Lee and Jefferson – they were slaveowners – can be applied to Washington, so there is no reason to logically think that Washington will not eventually be targeted. But, at the end of the day, I do recognize that neither Jefferson nor Lee is as central of a figure as Washington. And that is why an attack on Washington is more significant than attacks on the other Virginians, as much as I deeply admire those men, for the same reason an attack on Confucius was a more significant moment in the Cultural Revolution than attacks on a great Chinese emperor.

As of right now, the most mainstream attack on Washington has come from Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, though attacks have started among leftist activists and vandalism of Washington statues have been increasing, just as it did on Lee and Jefferson. While on CNN, Duckworth was asked if we should also remove monuments to George Washington since he, like the Confederates, was a slave owner. Duckworth’s response was that we should “listen to the argument.” I happen to think this does not mean that sustained attacks on Washington are right around the corner, they still have a few more figures to go through. Duckworth almost immediately tried to backtrack, which leads me to think that CNN was trying to lob her a softball question in an effort to keep Whites from waking up as to what was happening.

However, this does reveal that she has no plans to defend Washington’s legacy when attacks on him eventually come to fruition. Her fans on Twitter were certainly excited about the possibility. This is not simply confined to the lunatic fringe; the divide is between those who think they need to hold off for a little longer, less normies wake up, and those who are tired of waiting.

In my lifetime, I have seen the memory of great man after great man destroyed by the Left’s mob. They have no plans to stop and will not stop until all of the great men of Heritage America, especially the Dixians, are in the trash heap. Remember, this is partially personal for them. When they see men like Washington, Lee, and Columbus, it reminds them of how small and little they really are, and they grow envious. So, they set out to destroy their memory. No one is safe, but they also know that have to move slow and methodical. But, eventually the targeting will come. Eventually, it will come for Washington, and if they ever accomplish that, it will be the last stand of Heritage America.


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