Is COVID another 911? Is COVID-19 an Israeli attack on the World? – Some thoughts

When I look at COVID-19 and that it’s roots go straight to a Jew-loving, Israel-loving Dr Fauci, I am so suspicious. From what I can tell, from what came out from Trump and other info … is that Dr Fauci, who got $1 million from Israel as a prize … is really the key person WHO CREATED THE COVID VIRUS PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH IN WUHAN.

Dr Fauci is really at the centre of all of this … in terms of creating it and also in terms of the "bad response" which has caused masses of Americans to die with that bum medicine, Remdesivir that he bought enormous stocks of … which also cost so much.

So I ask myself, since Dr Fauci is clearly an agent of Israel … isn’t this another type of "911" type of event? Something concocted in that little country of criminal Jews?

I think that through Fauci we have our link from Wuhan back to Israel, and I suspect that he would do anything on earth for Israel.

This whole COVID thing is a scam and an invented crisis that is ripping the world apart.

This whole thing smells of Jews I tell you.

I don’t think we’ve got to the true bottom of this. There is more to this still …

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