Is Britain really a part of Europe? Seriously… CANZUK

When I study the British, especially the English, it seems to me that these people, the Jew-ridden-English, just cannot co-exist with Europe or work with Europe. To me, Britain, really England actually, is like Russia … a white country on the edge of Europe, that’s not really European and does not like working with Europe.

The Scottish and Irish seem to have a tendency to be closer to European thinking and I think its because some of them have come to hate the Jew-ridden English. But it seems to me that Britain is trying every desperate move EXCEPT to be a part of Europe.

I see the British are busy with something new: CANZUK – Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. At least, unlike the commonwealth which is filled with blacks, it at least works with the remnants of what were once white countries. I only hope that the Jewish-controlled-English will not now use CANZUK against Europe. The Jew-ridden English are really an annoyance.

I still think Britain needs to be conquered (except for Ireland and Scotland) and turned into a Whites only country. Seriously.

Here is the CANZUK story as the Jewish controlled English and their Freemasons flounder around for some other way of existing without Europe (idiots):

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