INSIDE INFO FROM A TRUSTED READER: The US Military has been taken over…

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[This is a fascinating note that was passed on to me. This reminds me of George Lincoln Rockwell's predictions of the future and what the Jews had in mind. The Jews have managed to totally hijack all the high positions in the Western World. Look at how they confused and fooled Whites into thinking we "need" "Diversity" … and then used it to place racial enemies inside important parts of the entire Western world … including inside America. These Jewish scum know how to fool Whites and trick them into doing the most insane and dangerous things. It doesn't matter which country or continent you are in. If you are White, you are being DRIVEN OUT OF YOUR OWN INSTITUTIONS. The Jews are setting us up for the KILL! Jan]

Here’s the message:-
Apr 29

You might find it interesting to note that our military is no longer ours. While visiting a military installation yesterday which shall go unnamed, I spoke with a very knowledgeable government employee, who shall also go unnamed, and asked her permission to ask her a politically incorrect question. When she acquiesced, I asked her the following: "What is the demographic make up of the members of the military on this base". She said, without hesitation, "About half are Mexican [not "Hispanic", but "Mexican"], one-fourth are Negro and one-fourth are ‘American’ [By "American", she meant caucasian/European=American]". This lady was in a position to know and has been in that position for a number of years. I had never met her before.

As I have been warning for years, the demographic warfare being waged by Mexico will be our undoing, if something else doesn’t get us first. As a former contingency warfare planning officer in the Air Force, I can assure you this is the most effective war plan I could ever imagine. They have now taken over the military; they have over 50 consulates in the US; these consulates issue "matricular consulars" [Mexican ID cards] to nearly every Mexican who sneaks in or is welcomed here; they know where these people live, how to contact them, where they work and to what they have keys and access [including but not limited to National Guard Armories and other military facilities]; and they hate Gringos. The worst thing is, we don’t understand their language.

Forewarned is forearmed. Prepare yourself and your children.

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