In Valhalla… in Aryan Heaven… Hitler is talking to Heinrich Himmler about the Jews killing Whites


[I can't remember where I found this. I saw this posted somewhere. It's good fun. Hitler lives! Jan]

In Bavarian Heaven . . .

— Mine Führer, between 1917 and 1954,
the Soviet Judo-communists exterminated
sixty six million Christians, most of whom
weren’t even the enemies of the criminal
Talmudic regime. In 1932-33, seven
million were murdered in Ukraine alone
by way of the government-enforced
famine and deadly mass deportations.

— Right you are, Heinrich. And they
begrudge us some paltry six million, most
of whom are said to be alive and kicking
and perpetrating horrendous war crimes
in the Jew-occupied Palestine, while
in receipt of the generous Holocaust
reparations, courtesy of our tax-payers.
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ issued us
with ample warnings about those lying
hypocritical Pharisees. Yet too many of
our dumb goyim are taking at face value
any filthy kosher fairy stories manufactured
in Hollywood by these same filthy Pharisees.
Our Christian brothers in South Africa
themselves decided to abolish their white
apartheid, since the system was thought
to be less than entirely fair. Mark my word,
no such Christian charity is ever to be
expected of the Jews in their colony of
Palestine. The bloodsucking Jew apartheid
will never be done away with by the Jews
themselves, for their Jew Talmud clearly
commands that ‘even the best of the goyim
should be killed’.

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