IMPORTANT UPDATE AND CORRECTION: Abraham Lincoln America’s first (Jew-loving) Communist President…

[I decided to run my last post by someone who was very close to Tom Metzger, and he came through with an excellent commentary and corrections. One thing I never even thought of checking was Lenin's date of birth. So that sinks that story right there. And it's true that Lincoln had his racist views. The only thing below that I differ with, and raised with him, was that I support the South in this instance. So I was not too keen on the "butt hurt" comment below. It would have been much better if the South had won. Anyway, this certainly does raise issues about the source of info I was looking at. So clearly Lincoln was not really a communist. And, we need to get more proof that there was contact between him and the Jew Karl Marx. That is something we need. Communism did exist even before the US Civil war because in Europe in the late 1840s there were a series of what appear to be fake, staged revolutions and communists – real Jew communists as far as I know WERE BEHIND the revolutions – however, the Whites were not into communism so these were modified to being "soft" Liberal types of revolutions. It's not an area of deep study for me. I mention it in passing. But I do know Jews were trying, for a century, to overthrow the Russian Tsar. If anyone has other feedback or evidence, it would be nice to clear up some issues. Jan]

Jan – Lenin was born in 1870, long after Lincoln’s demise. Take this as a hint.

The whole Lincoln-Marx thing is suspicious to me, usually promoted by Southerners still butt-hurt about that war. It’s almost like Abe & Karl were planning the murder of Nicholas II and his family. What is the true depth (and proven sources) revealing their supposed collaboration?

Lincoln was pro-White, and apparently pro working class. He was caught between Jew bankers in New York and the Jew influenced South. He even mentioned in veiled terms that of the two (((those))) in New York were worse. This before he created the Jew-free non-debt Greenback Dollar.

KikeJewed Britain supported the South, while Czarist Russia sent Atlantic and Pacific flotillas to both Union coasts, warning the Brit scum not to become militarily involved.

Was Abraham Lincoln a ‘communist’? I don’t think so, but what would that even mean back then? Keep focus on the Jew!

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