IMPORTANT: The Russian invasion of Ukraine – The Battle of Kyiv, Nuclear Weapons, invading Europe – My Thoughts

Of all the things happening in the Ukraine, the one thing I am watching like a HAWK is the Battle for Kyiv. The reason I’m interested in it is because of my studies of military history and my particular interest in fighting in cities. This is something very important for Whites, everywhere, in this century. This will relate to RACE WAR. So it’s something I’ve looked into with regard to the survival of Whites here in SA in such a scenario.

The Russians reached Kyiv on Day 2, Friday, but by the end of Day 3 they still had not taken it.

It was predicted before this that the Russians would take Kyiv within a few days. There is also the question of WHY Putin has gone after Kyiv. The only thing that makes sense is that he’s doing it in order to break the will of the Ukranians. I think he is going after Kyiv in order to BREAK THEIR WILL so that they stop resisting him.

There is also the issue, in military stuff, that when something nasty and quick happens, that it takes people 3 days to recover from the shock. So Sunday we’re on day 4.

According to US and British Intelligence, the whole operation is going SLOWER than Putin planned.

I’m very fascinated by the Battle of Kyiv. I was actually watching a LOT of videos on Friday and Saturday to assess the fighting to see whether Putin will just crush the Ukrainians. Putin is a professional and he has a professional army with heavy weapons.

His best advantage is AIR POWER. On the ground things are not going so well.

In military operations, depending on the situation, speed can be extremely critical.

I’m extremely keen to see if the Ukrainians can hold Kyiv. This would be like a type of German Stalingrad, action. I had been concerned that Russian heavy weaponry would actually be able to crush the people of Kyiv DESPITE Kyiv being such a big city with 2.8 million people. In military terms, the people should be able to defeat the Russians in Kyiv. But they need weapons, and they need to move fast.

It is starting to appear to me, as if the Ukranians might be able to do this.

This could be the biggest battle in Europe since WW2.

The useless NATO and Americans are actually beginning to arm the Ukranians and flying in weapons. I’m loving the weapons they’re getting.

I was trying to figure out for several hours today whether the Ukranians could possibly hold Kyiv.

Putin also made a threat, that some have interpreted to mean that he would use NUCLEAR WEAPONS. But I don’t think Putin would dare use even one nuke. The USA and NATO are very powerful. He would see his ass if he ever goes down that route.

Instead it seems to me that Putin’s big weapons are his "flamethrower tanks". These are thermobaric weapons. I think the Germans had similar weapons in WW2. It is a special type of fuel-air explosion which causes incredible shockwaves that kill people. The shockwaves will kill you indirectly. It is a nasty weapon. It will damage your internal organs. You’ll die right away. Putin’s flame thrower tanks are on their way to Kyiv it seems. So that could make things very bloody. But the good news is their range is short.

It appears to me that special forces from America are inside Ukraine teaching them and helping them in the fighting.

The best news is that the Dutch, Czechs, French and now … GERMANS as giving weapons. And they’re giving hand held weapons to shoot up tanks and shoot down aircraft. This is a very key development. These weapons could massively change the battle situation.

The Whites are enlisting en masse for the military.

So when I look at all the different aspects of the situation, I have come to the conclusion that there is a chance that the Ukranians might just hold Kyiv. But I’m a bit concerned about their Jewish president who seems to want to have talks with Putin.

The arrival of weapons for the Ukranians could be a huge game changer. It looks as if Putin’s plan is starting to go wrong. The Battle of Kyiv could be the key event. If they can hold Kyiv, even if it is shot into rubble, that would be awesome.

The Russians flamethrower tanks, though, could result in nasty civilian casualties.

The Russian armour has it’s weaknesses, and the Russians have quite long supply lines. If the Ukranians can wage guerilla war on the supply lines they could help to save Kyiv from the worst.

Putin’s already committed 50% of his 130,000 troops and heavy weapons. Putin clearly did not calculate on an actual fight back that means something.

I sent a voice note to a family member of mine on Friday, saying that this is NOT WW2, and that 130,000 troops, no matter how heavily armed, cannot take over a country as big as Ukraine with 44 million Whites.

Even if the Whites are badly armed, they are on home ground, they also have numbers. They have 900,000 reservists. And they can enlist anything from 2 – 4 million White males to assist.

If they get even basically decent weapons to deal with helicopters, planes and tanks … they’ll be good to go.

Putin does have an army of over 2 million. But I can’t see him using even half of that, just to fight in the Ukraine.

He clearly never anticipated a real fight.

I pointed out on Friday, that the Soviet Union, invaded Afghanistan, and fought there for several years and had their asses kicked when Reagan gave the Muslims Stinger missiles to hit aircraft with.

If those backward Afghans could smack the Russian army and defeat them, rest assured 44 million Whites could dish out a defeat to Putin unlike anything the Russians have known since WW2.

So unless something weird and creepy happens, there is a possibility that Putin may have made the biggest mistake of his LIFE. He could have made the biggest mistake of all time. And it does not matter what he does, he could be in a real spot.

It would be amazing if the Ukranians could drive the Russians out of their country.

Within a week, we will know if the Ukranians can make it.

I’m guessing that Putin’s heaviest armour will be at Kyiv in 1-2 days. So it will get nasty. But I am delighted to see the Ukranians blowing up bridges. They blew up one bridge in Kyiv. This is good stuff.

So Putin might just be the guy with egg on his face in the coming weeks and months.

I am extremely pleased to see weapons from Europe going to Ukraine. I was most delighted to see Germany giving 1000 anti-tank weapons, and 500 anti-air missiles.

The Ukranians will need to wage guerilla war, but they have a LOT going for them.

Furthermore, the North is coming out of winter and a long spring, summer and autumn lies ahead. This is perfect for the Ukranians.

Putin does not have the money, weapons, etc to defeat Europe.

NATO has already sent their troops to man ALL the borders from north to south on the eastern side. There are some nuts who have said that Putin will attack Europe. No, he would not dare do that. He’ll see his ass. Unless he goes nuclear – which truly, none of this is worth it. I don’t think he would dare actually use nukes.

I think Europe will be fine and Putin will not DARE attack Europe. His problem is Ukraine, and Ukraine’s unexpected resistance could turn into Putin’s nightmare.

If only they can get enough weapons, the Ukrainians might be able to drive Putin’s forces out. But it will take some time.

Macron of France said clearly that this war IS GOING TO LAST A TIME. Plus, American Generals are very pleased with the Ukrainian fight plus American and British intelligence have said that Putin’s forces are falling behind their timeline. In military terms, if you need to act fast and you get bogged down, your entire plan can unravel.

I think Putin might just end up getting the worst bloody nose that the Russians have had since WW2. Putin might just have made the biggest mistake of his life.

They estimate 5 million Whites will flee the Ukraine into Europe. In some ways, that’s not bad. That’s better than 5 million Blacks.

We need to see the days ahead, and especially the next week. This will show us whether the Ukranians can keep Kyiv, and what the pattern for the war will be. I think Putin totally underestimated the situation and now his military moves will begin unravelling. This could be the greatest disaster Russia has had since WW2. IF THE UKRANIANS CAN STAND THEIR GROUND AND USE GUERILLA WAR AND WEAR DOWN THE ENEMY.

There is DEFINITE PROOF that they have shot down aircraft, and I’ve seen proof that they’ve shot up quite a lot of armoured vehicles. It’s a very good sign.

A further aspect of interest to me is a White Militia army, with some decent weapons, fighting a 100% fully professional army with very heavy weaponry. History shows that in certain conditions (e.g. Napoleon and Hitler), that massed army can win.

If the Ukranians can hang in there, they could have a BIG WIN. It might take months. I am not sure how much losses Putin is willing to take. So my best guess is that months of fighting lies ahead.

For Putin’s purposes though, he needs to win quickly, or else his plans will unravel. So I don’t think Putin can spend, for example, a month fighting in the Ukraine.

It does appear that one of his goals is to seize a chunk of Eastern Ukraine.

But the real thing I’m watching, which I think can be the single thing that can totally bugger up Putin’s plan, is THE BATTLE OF KYIV.

That’s what I am watching. His troops were FAST and were there on Day 2, but by the end of Day 3, he still does not have it. If the Ukranians could last another 3-4 days, then Putin will see his ass. Big time. This could be very exciting.

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