IMPORTANT: The real issue in China – China is collapsing from the INSIDE

[Folks, I've said many times that China is nothing. Don't even worry about it. More and more info is coming out and China is collapsing from the INSIDE. The Youth are refusing to work. China has an electricity problem. The super massive property market is collapsing. But the deepest issue of all is that the Chinese people are getting sick of everything … The Communist Government is going to struggle. As with all Communist Governments, they use the Police and Army against their own people. They will be too busy in the future to even worry about Taiwan or the USA or Canada or anyone else. Jan]

Protests Spread in China as Citizens Rise Up against Communist Regime’s Brutal Lockdowns

Frank BergmanNovember 25, 2022 – 7:03 am1 Comment

Protests are spreading across China as growing numbers of citizens continue to rise up against the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s brutal lockdowns.

The Communist regime is enforcing some of the strictest lockdown measures ever seen as COVID-19 cases skyrocket across the country.

As part of the CCP’s “Zero Covid” policy, millions of people have been locked up in their homes or workplaces as dozens of cities across the country are forced back into lockdown.

The measures are so severe that the situation has negatively impacted China’s economic forecasts.

Notable demonstrations have included thousands of workers at an Apple iPhone factory clashing with authorities.

As Slay News reported, employees have been locked inside Foxconn Zhengzhou, the world’s largest iPhone factory.

With workers separated from their families and blocked from leaving, protesters have been breaking out of locked-down buildings.

However, those employees who are able to successfully leave are immediately fired and replaced.

Videos have been emerging on social media that show protesters clashing with Chinese police, who are dressed head to toe in white PPE clothing.

In some instances, protesters have started to overwhelm police during violent confrontations.

Meanwhile, online outrage over an infant who died because her father could not get her medical services due to the country’s lockdowns, The New York Times reported.

The report notes that the unrest is unprecedented for the communist nation.

Under CCP rule, China has a history of using force to stamp out dissent.

China, which is where the coronavirus pandemic originated, reported a new high in coronavirus infections Friday, with more than 32,000 new cases.

The numbers have started spreading so quickly that experts have warned that China has potentially “passed the point of no return” in reference to the country’s goal of having no coronavirus cases.

“China might have already passed the point of no return, as it’s unlikely to achieve zero Covid again without another Shanghai-style hard lockdown,” Macquarie’s Chief China Economist Larry Hu said.

“What policymakers could do now is to slow the spread of the virus, i.e. flatten the curve, by tightening the Covid controls for the time being.”

While the numbers were deemed to be a new record for China, there is no way to know if the figures are accurate.

China has been widely accused of lying throughout the pandemic over how many cases and deaths the country was experiencing.

The Communist government is also accused of covering up the origin of where the first outbreak emerged.

“What we’re witnessing at Foxconn is the bankruptcy of ‘the China model,’” said Wu Qiang, a political analyst in Beijing, in reference to the manufacturing plant that produces Apple’s iPhones.

“It’s the collapse of China’s image as a production powerhouse, as well as China’s relationship to globalization.”

Li Qiang, founder and executive director of China Labor Watch, added, “If the government continues with its zero-Covid policy, Foxconn would only be the beginning.

“There is Foxconn today, but other factories will face similar situations.”

The protests at Foxconn, which turned violent, came in response to bonuses not being paid to workers on time because the company did not follow the country’s strict coronavirus restrictions by isolating new workers from those who had tested positive, the report said.

The company claimed that the delays were due to a “technical error” and offered to pay employees who wanted to resign $1,400 and give them free rides home.


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