IMPORTANT: More Chinese crap: They will invade Taiwan in, er… 2025 – My Comments

I see that the Jewish Super Power of China has now said that they will invade Taiwan in 2025.

They are still sending quite a lot of planes to fly over Taiwan and to make noise and to scare the old American traitor, communist, and paedophile Joe Biden. Joe, the Jew-loving, communist-loving, white-hating, America-hating bag of shit …. filthy old demented paedophile who stole an election – useless dog, worthless bag of shit.

Let’s talk about stupid Joe the traitor, liar, etc. China is busy sending all those planes (and it’s really not that many) over Taiwan. This, in my view is a rerun of Putin’s Russia earlier this year when Putin was faking preparations for a WAR with the UKRAINE which NEVER HAPPENED and at the last moment the Russian Generals said … It had just been a normal MILITARY EXERCISE. Meanwhile the whole world was panicked for no reason.

I am certain Russia was just testing the old paedophile communist in the White House to see what dumb shit he might serve up behind the scenes.

Perhaps it is very likely that something good came of this and therefore China is now doing the same. I’ve written more than one article wherein I’ve pointed out that China cannot and will not invade Taiwan now because China will see it’s ass and will be massively damaged.

Now, a few days later, I hear that China has now said it won’t invade Taiwan in 2021 … instead it will invade in 2025.

There is a very serious problem with them making such a claim. No military has EVER warned up front and given dates for actual attacks. To do that is sheer madness and foolishness. No military commander would ever do that.

So rest assured, the dumb Chinese commies are now merely admitting that they’re too useless to actually invade now. Rest assured that the chance of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2025 is zero.

For now just throw "Taiwan invasion" out of your mind. It’s not going to happen now, nor in 2025, nor any time before then. You’re just listening to bold Chinese crap – pure hogwash. It’s all junk. At this slow rate, China will never invade Taiwan in your or my lifetimes.

It’s much ado about nothing. A Storm in a teacup. Forget it. It’s just Chinese crap.

What I’m more interested in is the implosion of the Chinese economy.

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