IMPORTANT LESSON FOR WHITES: The Natural Order of Mankind: Martial Collectiveness

[Here's something from the excellent website: National Vanguard that we republished on another lovely site Daily Archives. Here is the TRUTH White people. Read this and let it soak in. Hitler, correctly, saw us as a BIOLOGICAL GROUP.  We are a group and we MUST learn to stick together and to co-operate. Ignore the Jewish garbage who are constantly dividing us. Hitler was way ahead of his time. 10,000 years from now, no Whites will have any problem with anything Hitler did. He will be seen for what he was: An honest, truth telling White leader, devoted to his nation who told the men and the women and the boys and the girls the TRUTH. He prepared them for life the way it is. Ignore all the Jewish shrieking and screaming and howling. They are just busy with their childish tantrums and lies, the spoiled brats of earth! War is not evil. War is a necessity for protection and survival and expansion. You will see violence and killing all across nature. You'll see utterly hideous and brutal things in nature on a daily basis. We have every right to protect ourselves from any kind of danger or threat no matter what it is. Jan]

The whole purpose of National Socialism, the philosophy of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, is to bring human society back into alignment with Nature, with the natural order of all life on Earth.

When one lives in accordance with the natural order one lives in reality — rather than the artificial world in which we live today. Living in accordance with Nature results in healthier development of individuals, tribes, societies, countries, and whole civilizations. Deviation from the natural order, however, results in exactly what we see surrounding us today: sickness, weakness, ugliness, degeneracy, decay, decline, and general insanity.

So what is the natural order of humankind?

Well, for one, human beings are a collective species. We only survived and evolved by banding together and working in teams — placing the well-being of the group before one’s personal interests. Today’s world, however, is very individualistic, very selfish — and we’re seeing very clearly the results of that unnatural mode of existence.

We’re hard-wired to need each other, a need rooted in our blood from the very beginning of our species. To abandon this need for one another will guarantee a fast track to extinction, and a long, slow, miserable suffering along the way.

Another aspect of the natural order as it applies to human beings, particularly to the White race, is that we’re a martial species. We evolved for organized warfare, right down to our earliest days, even before we could be called human — organizing against predators, then against rivaling human tribes. This aspect, too, we cannot deviate from without causing ourselves great suffering — as evidenced by today’s weak, effeminate, hyper-individualist society.

The most important aspect of organized warfare is the philosophy of selflessness. Even today, the modern war-fighter goes into combat without a single worry about his own safety, because he’s been trained to only worry about his brothers to his left and right. He doesn’t have to worry about himself because he knows that his brothers are worrying about him, just as he is worrying about them. And this is the mindset that human society absolutely needs if it hopes to survive.

Today’s culture is a selfish one, a capitalistic one, a culture of dog-eat-dog, of everyone out for self, of personal gain at the expense of everyone else, materially and monetarily. And this is a gross deviation from our race’s natural order.

If we want to survive and achieve greatness as a race and culture, we have to return to our natural blood-philosophy of martial collectivism — of putting the health and well-being of our brothers and sisters above our own personal wants, needs, greed, ego, and concern. This is called self-preservation through selflessness. If we focus on our community instead of ourselves, then we can trust our community to look out for us.


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