IMPORTANT: JEWS: Leaked Documents: AIPAC Israeli Lobby to Spend $100 Million on US Elections and May Draw US into War

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[It would be dreadful if America went and fought in this stupid Israeli war. But I am beginning to wonder if the Jews are maybe losing a bit of their control over the USA? There are a couple of small signs that I like. This Hamas war has been going very wrong for the Jewish scum and their filthy rat state called Israel. Jan]

Leaked documents show that the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an organization that lobbies US politicians for the benefit of Israel, a foreign country, plans to spend $100 million on campaign funds during this election cycle.

AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), an organization that lobbies US politicians for the benefit of a foreign country, Israel, plans to spend $100 million on campaign funds during this election cycle.

AIPAC is using its ongoing war against Palestinians and the threat from Hamas to call for further sanctions against Iran, potentially pulling the US into a broader regional war.

AIPAC promotes the familiar line that “Israel does not target civilians” that is contested due to the sheer number of Palestinians killed and Israeli officials’ statements of intentions to “eliminate everything.” AIPAC is also telling members of Congress that “Israel is not blocking the delivery of aid to Gaza,” and that “reports that people are starving in Gaza are false,” but evidence shows that Israelis are blocking supply trucks.

Most Americans (55%) are war-weary and are against Israel’s war on the Palestinians in Gaza who have been bombed, starved and denied water and other supplies.

TikTok Influencer Ian Carroll says that AIPAC, a powerful Israeli lobbying organization, does not directly pay politicians, but instead funds their campaigns so that they may make millions of dollars while in office, usually from insider stock trading. He explained who receives the most pro-Israel money and why. AIPAC funds the opponents of candidates who criticize the Israeli lobby and Israel.


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