IMPORTANT: If the Jews destroy Jan Lamprecht & shut him up … Can others be notified?


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A reader wrote this to me:
Jan, you are a great man. I admire you as an american. I hate to see your website go dark and never know what happens to you. Is there a way to know you are well if they shut you down? Can you have a friend update us? Also, we need to archive all of your excellent videos.

My reply:
I am giving thought to the matter of them shutting down my websites permanently as well as whether physical harm could come to me. All the signs are clear that the Jews will not leave me alone and that their actions against me will intensify. I was having discussions with someone today in detail about this, and this other "person" was indicating that all the signs are there, that the Jews will intensify the attacks until they overwhelm me. This very knowledgeable person was explaining to me, things the Jews can do, even legally, WHICH I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST – where their resources are so massive, that they can just shut me down and I won’t have any way to stop it. In a wider discussion with multiple persons, face to face, others brought up the topic of my personal security and whether I have any means of surviving if they come after me physically, and even at my home (since they know where I live). These are serious potential threats to which I have no answer. My main concern is the taking down of my websites and the loss of my work. I am discussing this matter with someone. Regardless of what they do, I will do my best, that, regardless of what the Jews do to me, that I will try to ensure that there is some method whereby whatever events take place, that it will reach those, like you, who want to know about it. I do not want to disappear in silence without people knowing how the Jews finally destroyed me. It is important for others to know by what means they finally win and destroy me. I will tell you, the signs are clear, as others pointed out, from their knowledge, that these 2 cases the Jews lodged are just the tip of the iceberg, and at any time they can come and finish me off and totally overwhelm me. So I am thinking ahead as best I can to see what I can do despite my meagre resources.

I do NOT take lightly to the Jewish demand for censorship of me. I will struggle for my free speech to my last breath.

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