IMPORTANT: Have the Jewish scum taken down GoyimTV?

[One of my supporters sent me this most concerning note, and I checked, GoyimTV is down. But just the other day I went and saw it running fine. So the question is: Have the FCKING JEWS BEEN AT WORK AGAIN? Fcking swines!

I spent quite a bit of time looking at GoyimTV when it was up and I browsed it and liked it. I even began downloading some videos and it was my intention to sign up there and to open a channel there. 
We will have to check to see if it comes back up. If not, then we know that the race of shit has been at work again! If anyone knows anyone involved in GoyimTV who can give us some info, I would be most grateful. 


div>I absolutely HATE IT when I see whites being censored. These son's of bitches! Jan]

From my supporter:


This worked last night but not this morning. I got this

I’ll try again later.


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