IMPORTANT FROM JAN: Massive Email issues continuing – I shut down my Mail Server totally

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This is a note that as I said the email issues are HUGE. I’ve been battling along this entire week, sending out a small trickle of emails to various people I’m dealing with. That by itself has been a slow, grinding issue.

With regard to my newsletters and mailing lists and the daily alerts. I was investigating all that. But it was secondary to other issues I was dealing with. I decided yesterday to totally shut down my mail server for now. So my mail server is totally dead and won’t be sending out anything for several days.

I need to get a grip on other aspects of the email problem.

This relates to my discovery last year about Yahoo emails not arriving. It turns out that all Yahoo and AOL emails go out via Google and Google is putting in various rules. But it’s not just google. Yahoo and AOL also aggressively block emails.

So for now, and probably for weeks to come my emails will, at best, be going out as a tiny trickle.

In the meantime, I’ve also got a physical breakage of an important PC that needs to be replaced by another machine. I hope to begin doing that setup on the weekend. So hopefully, by next week I can begin switching on my mail server again and then analysing and fixing things. It might take me a week of software work before I attempt to see if I can get any emails going out of my server.

The key is that I now have diagnostics and knowledge that I did not have before. Last year when I discovered my Yahoo issues I did not grasp the actual mechanics of why my emails were being stopped. I now have something I’ve never had before: An understanding of many of the detailed rules of email as well as the diagnostics of how to monitor things.

It’s highly technical, and it’s going to be tedious, but it is very important.

I also have Plan B ideas – which I won’t be discussing now.

Just bear with me. I want to try and solve these problems properly.


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