Important for Whites: YouTube Deletes 2,600 Rabbi Meir Kahane Videos – My Info


[In the days when I had Jewish friends in Israel I heard about this Rabbi Kahane, and my Jewish friend LOOOOOVED him. Youtube has now deleted 2,600 videos of this Kahane. I did not know there were so many. I do not know if they were in English. I doubt it. I urge whites to keep an eye open for Kahane stuff. This guy was incredibly radical and he advocated the slaughter of people.He was himself assassinated I think. But this Kahane is an important figure for whites, with regard to openly seeing Jewish racism at its finest.

So always keep an eye open for his stuff and grab it when you can. This Jew was out to slaughter everyone.
One of his quotes is: There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down kill the Gazans without mercy or thought.
This guy's philosophy kicked off other things, among them the Jewish Defence League. Here is a true JEWISH RACIST and we should use him as evidence of that. In the end the Jews are racists despite their lies. And we must use it to show that Liberalism is a total fraud and that race is very much at play. Therefore any racism by ourselves is also natural – which it is.
So the Jews are outraged that their hideous racist videos were deleted by Youtube. What this also shows is that even that filthy piece of shit, Youtube, does has some standards. I have noticed also some small glimmers of hope on one of the other (((Liberal))) social media that I frequent. I do think that there are areas now, where the line is blurring a bit between Jews and even the Liberals and elite. This is a GOOD SIGN. We MUST PRESS FORWARD. Jan]

Michael Miller spent five years collecting, editing, and uploading video footage of, or relating to, Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990), founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach Party. Two weeks ago, on Erev Chanukah, Miller discovered that every single one of his 2,600 videos was gone. His account has been suspended.

“I so far have appealed three times on three separate occasions,” Miler told The Jewish Press, “and the YouTube Team responded the same way all three times: ‘Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.’” No further explanation was given.
Miller, a 29-year-old Kahane enthusiast, lives in Jerusalem and co-manages the Facebook page of Boomerang – Fighting for Israel, an Israel advocacy group. He also serves as a Temple Mount guide through the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and is an activist in the Students for the Temple Mount movement.

He said he first became interested in Rabbi Kahane in 2010 when he “stumbled across his videos by accident/out of curiosity on YouTube back in June 2010.” At the time, he said, “there was only a limited amount of his speeches in a few random channels.” A few years later, he said, in 2015, he attended a Kahane Shabbaton and was inspired to embark on his video project after an old Kahane activist said, “When you go back home, don’t just say, ‘Kahane was right.’ Do something!”

Miller said he has copies of most the Kahane videos YouTube deleted and hopes to upload them elsewhere. But YouTube’s move still hurts, he said. “I am shocked, outraged, angry, upset, bitter, and frustrated – but deep down, sadly not surprised – that a social media outlet that claims to support and tolerate freedom of speech for everyone would [do this]…. This is an absolute disgrace.”


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