IMPORTANT: Florida Militia Organizing – Righteous Army – My Comments

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[I just got this in from the USA. Feel free to send me the details of any Militia's which you think are good and reliable. I'm happy to post the details. Don't expect miracles from these militia just yet. Like in South Africa, you folks are forming your defensive groups. These groups will probably not do much for even years. But this is the beginning of the FUTURE. One day, these militia's could seize control of the USA. Don't be fooled by nuclear weapons, or any other stuff. These militias in the USA, like in South Africa will form the backbone of something new. In South Africa, people join groups and leave groups. People also have their fall outs and then someone breaks away and starts a new group. Don't let any of these things bother you. This is all part and parcel of the White "mixing". Wonderful things will come from these things. Don't worry about these militias being infiltrated by the DIA or FBI – don't let any of these things get you down. Just don't do illegal stuff, and focus on joining, spreading the word and preparing. The day when Whites across the Western world seize the world back WILL COME – very likely in our lifetimes. The fury and anger is good. The big criminal acts like puting the demented communist paedophile, traitor, race traitor Biden in power … all these things need to be taken care of. Don't worry about the chaos or confusion. It's all good. Just focus on Whites, group as Whites, defend yourselves and focus on our values and the future. AS YOU THINK … SO WILL YOU BECOME. So support other Whites who are organising in a cultural way, or  a political way or a defensive way. Stick together and do your thing. Wonderful things will come from this. The GREAT EXPULSION is coming… everywhere … Let the Christians do their things, encourage them … later, the more hardcore NS Whites will have to step in and really help. But don't worry. Keep going and don't listen to all the (((Liberal))) screeching. Jan]

This is what I received:



Many people hear about the Militia. They hear about how "We The People" are the Militia. They hear about how the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America exists for the purpose of enabling the Militia to defend We The People, our Republic, Constitution, Laws & Rights against Tyrannical Government Operatives. They hear about how the Declaration of Independence clearly states it is the RIGHT of We The People to abolish or alter the Government when it becomes destructive to our Safety and Happiness. But nobody ever seems to know just exactly WHO the Militia really is and/or WHERE they are. Communists have infiltrated and hijacked the Government of the USA. Communists have bribed, bought off and paid for MANY of our Elected Government Officials, which makes them TRAITORS who are subject to penalties of imprisonment and/or death. They have been trampling upon our Laws & Rights. They have been Politicizing our Laws & Rights. So where is our Militia? It is my humble opinion that the Militias throughout the Republic of the United States of America MUST communicate, unite, organize and establish SMART Action Plans for ridding our Nation of the Communists and CORRUPT "Career Politicians" who have infiltrated and hijacked it… legally & peacefully with 2nd Amendment Support & Protection.

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I was very pleased when Florida Statute 250.02 was recently brought to my attention:



(1) The militia consists of all able-bodied citizens of this state and all other able-bodied persons who have declared their intention to become citizens.

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