IMPORTANT: FBI raided a Doctor who was giving people Vitamin C injections!!! – Jews at work?

[I got this message from a reader. This is hideous. This must be
Big Pharma Jews at work! As you’ve seen Vitamin C is AWESOME! Its
the right thing! Now look at this. Sadly, when I got to Jewtube
this had been removed already. If anyone has a copy of this video
I would like to see it and post the link.

I agree with the reader regarding the nonsense about all the
things people are supposed to buy for the virus. Take Vitamin C
and Vitamin D.

I actually got more information from people who continued with
the work of Dr Linus Pauling. There are 4 critical
vitamins/minerals that you need. I’ll explain more later. They
are: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and DHA (which is a type of
Vitamin D, and you mainly get it out of oily fish). These are the
most critical things for l


This is what my supporter wrote:

You will find this interesting. The Jewish controlled FBI here in the US raided the business of a doctor who was giving his employees and patients injections of vitamin C who wanted to have the injections of vitamin C for protection against COVID-19. Here is a link to a JewTube video about the (((FBI))) raid on the doctor for giving vitamin C injections for COVID-19.

The Jewish media here in the US has been telling people to avoid sunlight, to wash their hands a lot and use hand sanitizer often, to sterilize their homes with anti bacterial cleaners, and to wear a face mask and gloves at all times out in public. Doing these things will weaken the immune system yet I see most people doing these things because the Jewish media told them to. Hand sanitizer, soap, sterilizing cleaners, gloves, and face masks, are often sold out. My theory is the Jewish media is convincing people to do these things to weaken their immune system so they will get sick. Then when people get sick from having a weak immune system they will be classified as being infected with COVID-19 and be added to the number of those infected with COVID-19 which will further support the Jewish lie of COVID-19.image

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