IMPORTANT CANADIAN PETITION: HELP! – FREEDOM CONVOY 2022: One last chance to beat Trudeau and end the Covid mandates


[Help the Canadians. Trudeau is a bag of shit. One of my Canadian friends said that an older White Canadian said: "HANG TRUDEAU!". Yeah, now you're talking … HANG the Politicians and HANG the (((Billionaires))) who are there behind them! Just click on the link below. Jan]


Jan 23, 2022 —

please get this petition to 1 million so I can give it to these truckers when they are in Ottawa next weekend.
and show your support. This will be our best chance at getting our freedoms back.

I don’t think anyone really grasps how big this is.

Last estimates were 50k trucks.
From every corner of the country.

Rolling into Ottawa and staying put until action is taken.

What started out as a small GoFundMe to help a few guys get to Ottawa with their trucks has quickly turned into the Nation getting behind them and supporting them.

Now with over $2 million raised in 7 days it is clear that many Canadians are fed up, speaking up, and supporting this.

All they are fighting for is the FREEDOM of CHOICE and I can fully support that.

Hotels are giving discounts and people are opening up their homes and helping with food to help those standing up for people’s freedoms ❤️

T H I S is the Canada I am proud to see

If you would like to check out the GoFundMe here is the link:

And here is a link to the facebook page:

��Let them truckers roll 10-4

✌�Cause we got a mighty convoy, rocking through the night

✌�We got a mighty convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight! — supporting Freedom Convoy 2022.

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