IMPORTANT: Canada: The Truckers and Protesters are back … CULTURE WAR…

Those clever Canadian Truckers retreated, regrouped, and are back with new tactics to match the EMERGENCY LAWS and to carry out their protests while complying with the LAW! There are even Canadian Military Veterans siding with them!

So everything will be PEACEFUL and WILL COMPLY WITH THE LAW. So they won’t block bridges, etc. But they will still be protesting within the bounds of the (needless) Emergency Laws!!!!

These White Canadians are sharp, quick witted and determined and … flexible!!!

Very nice… very awesome.

The Jew-owned, Jew-controlled Trudeau has seized emergency powers for an UNLIMITED PERIOD OF TIME! So that’s pissing people off and the Governor of Alberta is taking the Prime Minister to court.

FURTHERMORE: to my utter amazement and total horror … I’ve just seen an additional video of Trudeau that I just can’t believe! If you want to see what a Jew-controlled, Jew-grovelling, White-hating bag of shit he really is … wait until I show you a video that has surfaced.

I’M WARNING WHITE CANADIANS: This Prime Minister Trudeau HATES THE GUTS OF WHITE CANADIANS. Look around you, watch his pronouncements. His previous warnings about "White Supremacists" and "NAZIS" … that alone should tell you THERE IS MORE GOING ON HERE THAN JUST TRUCKER PROTESTS. This f*cker HATES WHITE CANADIANS. But he’s a TOTAL JEW TOOL. He is no different to the bag of shit Biden who is 150% Jew owned, Jew in-bred, etc.

In fact, there is an interesting possibility that Trudeau might have had sex with a girl who is 17 who is the daughter of a "wealthy Canadian businessman". In Canada this is illegal. But "wealthy Canadian businessman’s daughter?" Could she possibly be Jewish? Just wondering.

The Canadians are amazingly flexible, clever, and totally determined. I’m loving this. FLEXIBLE tactics … now you’re talking.

They’re even back with the SNIPER who once protected Trudeau!!! He’s resigned and is working with the truckers. They’re functioning within the law.

And … Canadian society is "churning" … we have a CULTURE WAR going on in. We’re in a fight about White Canada Versus Jewish-White-Hating-White-Replacing-Jew-grovelling Canada.

Canada is WHITE and it must STAY WHITE! 14/88

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