IMPORTANT: Black on Black political fighting is coming: SA likely to enter stage of violent instability: study – My Comments

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2005: Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America
This is an American article I published on AfricanCrisis from another website.

[This is important stuff. The Black Jew Ramaphosa is failing even among the Blacks. It is very interesting that the number of protests annually have DOUBLED in the 5 years that Ramaphosa has come to power. We will see in December if he can get another 5 years to rule SA. In some respects, it might be OK if he gets another 5 years. It might even help to stoke the fires among the Blacks more. Despite Jews funding him like crazy and giving him insanely good publicity worldwide, none of which he deserves, Ramaphosa is FAILING among the Blacks. And he seems to lack any kind of respect even among Blacks. The Ramaphosa versus Zuma fight is very good. I think I would prefer to see Ramaphosa getting back into power for another 5 years because it will make things worse – in a way that will work for Whites. I don't know who is likely to replace him. Julius Malema, has stated that he will become President of South Africa. I would prefer not to see his rise now. However, if he were to arise now, it would really irritate Whites more than anything. So on second thoughts, if Malema were to somehow become the President now, it could really push the Whites forward. But he's still too small fry at this point. However, his profile could rise and increase in the years to come and it gives us time to get ready. What I really, really like, is this assessment of the split in the ANC. The ANC is split between Zuma and Ramaphosa. This split is not going away. It will get worse. The ANC is weakening. Other players are coming in. The Jewish hag, and communist, Zille is still around as well. I don't see the Jews being able to control the Blacks. The Black population is growing endlessly, and Black productivity is going down. The economy is likely to get worse, and things like COVID, the Ukraine war, lots of inflation, etc is only going to stir up the Blacks more. Perhaps this will help to propel Malema upwards in the years to come. But the bottom line is that the STRESSES and divisions among the Blacks will get worse. All round, this is the best thing we Whites could hope for. Them fighting and arguing among themselves as the country slips into deeper trouble … is good. I see that there will be water restrictions in all major South African cities within 5 years. So electricity is dodgy, unemployment is growing, water problems will arise … we will have political and infrastructure problems. This sets the scene for clashes in the years to come. Within 5 years our political situation could become quite unstable and as the Blacks fight among each other, the economic/infrastructure situation will get worse. I see definitely possibilities for Whites. I'm constantly asking myself the question, as to when and how we can break out, and I think we're on a nice firm path towards instability and internal wars and breakup. WE NEED THIS. THIS IS OUR BIG CHANCE. It's coming. And, neither the Blacks nor the Jews nor anyone else can stop it. The economic fallout of the Ukraine war, is going to destroy GLOBALISM. South Africa is VERY BADLY PLACED for such a situation. Again, this is PERFECT for the Whites. Perfect for us. Perfect. We will get our chance to break out. Possibly in 5-10 years max. Jan]

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa lacks the authority within the ruling African National Congress to contain growing civil unrest as its competing factions vie for influence, positions, state contracts and dwindling resources, a new study has found.

The number of protests staged annually in the country has doubled to more than 1,000 since Ramaphosa took office in early 2018, two months after he secured the leadership of the ANC by a razor-thin margin, according to the study by the Institute for Security Studies and the Government and Public Policy think tank.

Violence reached a pinnacle in July last year, when former President Jacob Zuma’s arrest on contempt of court charges triggered rioting that claimed 354 lives.

The increase in instability suggests Ramaphosa doesn’t wield as much control over the ANC as Zuma did, and is unable or unprepared to use violence and patronage to the same extent to enforce his authority, according to Ivor Chipkin, Jelena Vidojević, Laurence Rau and Daniel Saksenberg, who authored the study.

The party’s slipping stranglehold over South African politics has also deprived it of the means to dispense state resources – the ANC yielded control of several key towns to the opposition in last year’s municipal elections as its share of the vote slipped to below 50% for the first time since it took power in 1994.

The ANC “has fewer resources for patronage politics,” said the authors, who also attributed the unrest to worsening unemployment, poverty and inequality. “South Africa is likely to have entered a phase of ongoing, violent instability.”

Competition for municipal councillor posts in towns where few other jobs are available has frequently degenerated into violence, while scores of ANC officials have been gunned down in intra-party disputes, especially in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province and northeastern Mpumalanga region.

The ANC is due to hold another internal vote in December, when Ramaphosa is widely expected to seek another five-year term as leader. That also doesn’t bode well for restoring stability, with the study identifying a correlation between its staging of elections and periods of intense protests.


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