If Whites did this, there’d be an uproar: Jews & US Politicians 2020 – My Comments


[We whites need to do the same. But ultimately we need our own leaders and must field our own candidates. Below is an example of the types of headlines the Jewish scum put out on their own newsletters. They do this without batting an eyelid. Imagine if you replaced the story headlines below with WHITES … the Jews and blacks would go wild. Yet that is exactly what we need to do and WE MUST NOT BE ASHAMED ABOUT IT! Jan]

Here is a summary, right out of a Jewish newsletter. Notice, Jews, Jews, Jews:-

JTA Special: A Jewish pre-Iowa caucus guide
The 2020 Election

The Iowa caucuses, the first contests of the presidential primary season, are underway today. Before the votes are tallied, refresh your memory on where the leading candidates stand on a range of Jewish issues, from the rise in anti-Semitism unfolding across the country to Israel policy.

Where does Joe Biden stand on Jewish issues?

Through his 46-year political career, he’s been a close ally of American Jewish communities and a stalwart defender of Israel.

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on Jewish issues?

Barring a strong showing from Michael Bloomberg, Sanders currently has the best chance to become our first Jewish president.

Where does Elizabeth Warren stand on Jewish issues?
The progressive senator believes “we need a strong Israel” in the Middle East, but is critical of many of Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies.

Where does Pete Buttigieg stand on Jewish issues?
The former Indiana mayor is moderately liberal on most issues and has formulated a nuanced Israel policy.

Where does President Trump stand on Jewish issues?
The president’s record is long and complex.

More candidates on Jewish issues

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