If the Blacks of Africa owned Japan…

Someone reminded me of something I said in a video quite some time ago. They wrote it up as: “I’m convinced if Blacks had Japan with no natural resources the blacks would STARVE TO DEATH”.

Indeed I said that in one of my videos.

I stand by it. If the blacks had to live in some of the places where other peoples, like the Japanese and also places where whites live (e.g. Scandanavia, Canada, Greenland), the blacks would have all died out. They would never have been able to live in those areas by themselves the way they survived in Africa.

In fact, scientists who believe in evolution have pretty much indicated the same thing – that blacks did not need to evolve much because life was so good in Africa for them. That whites evolved because of the hell they were living in in the far north.

Whites survived the Ice Ages. The blacks would never have survived a fraction of what the whites successfully survived. Whites lived through 20,000 years of Ice Age.

I don’t think the blacks could have lived in Japan using the same tribal methods they used in Africa. They would have died out.

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