If all White/Europeans knew the Truth … there would NEVER be Brother Wars…


I wrote this to one of my supporters who said he was impressed by the effort I put into my work here. I had to censor some of it to "protect the innocent" as they say:

… just keep following my videos. I’m currently also taking each video, and as tedious as it is, I either … snip …. And finally I’ve figured out how to do this properly. It was a mission and a half. But I’m trying to educate them because there is so much they do not know. I’m telling you xxx, if all whites KNEW THE TRUTH, we’d be on the SAME PAGE, and we’d all WANT THE SAME STUFF. Its fucking economics, and weak politicians that is fucking it up for our race. Our race would OWN most of Africa and there would be no blacks there. This is a topic of great importance and the whites here do not fully grasp it. But I have TONS to say. Things you’ve never heard before. I am convinced that all whites need is to know the full truth and you would NOT see brother wars. Instead you’d see BROTHERS fighting Jews and other races together. Brother wars would not even exist.

I’ve seen enough of all whites to tell you that I am firmly of the opinion that THE TRUTH would turn all whites racist in 2 seconds. They’d have babies like crazy and we’d be tearing our enemies down without thinking twice. I’ve spoken to all kinds of whites from all kinds of backgrounds and nations and I see the same things over again. WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT SICK NATURALLY. THEY ARE MADE SICK BY JEWS AND THEIR FELLOW SCUM (e.g. Liberals, commies, etc).

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