[This was doing the rounds among Americans. I really detest this disgusting female who runs New Zealand. Across the Western world you will see lovely, but totally insane White women leading countries. It's completely nuts. They're either Liberals or Leftists or outright communist scum. Jews… Jews are behind these terrible, idiotic females who rule Western nations. As Goebbels said, the world would be a dark and dreary place should the Jews win the war. Jan]

These were the comments of an American:

I don’t know how many people have contacted me the last couple of years about how great they think our youthful prime minister is, when she’s a dedicated Communist (which she will deceptively call a Democratic Socialist) publicly! – intent on destroying everything.

Then there are those simpletons still living in a dream world who try and tell me she simply only has a big mouth but really doesn’t understand what she’s doing at all, especially her role during the Christchurch Mosque Massacres in removing the shooter’s 17-minute Live-stream video of the event etc.

When the whole attack was a government-controlled military operation (designed to close down free speech on the Internet) which she very well knows, and thousands of people in NZ saw the mind-controlled shooter’s military HANDLERS dressed in red accidentally picked up by the shooter’s head camera at the Al Noor Mosque, before the PM made it illegal to watch it! That is why they so urgently banned the video from the Internet, after virtually every school child in NZ had watched it. And of course the shooters at the Linwood Islamic Centre were other military assassins totally operating separate to Brenton Tarrant. And yet the great mind-controlled masses believe the PM and this mainstream media propaganda hogwash!

Well now, here she is at it again LEADING THE WORLD (including even the United States, as gullible as most Americans are, you would never have thought they were this stupid) to step up to the ‘CHRISTCHURCH CALL’ a notch to get governments all around the world to force the big media Internet companies under duress to use Socialist Algorithms to CENSOR THE ENTIRE INTERNET ON THE PLANET today!

Perhaps the rockets raining down on Israel today at the same time the ‘Christchurch Call’ is taking place, has an even more sombre significance?

This is what is happening to us here in New Zealand with our prime minister, and now it is spreading out to the whole world! Make no mistake she is possessed by the Devil and is VERYseductive and cunning, way ahead of the intellectual maturity of most I would suggest

Don’t believe me?Well read this link today and watch the videos. Quite frankly, our Communist little young ‘Tooth Fairy’ is having a field day seducing world leaders who all should know much better but don’t.


Here’s the full article:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she wants tech companies to make more progress on algorithms that can drive social media users to radicalisation.

Christchurch Call an ‘ambitious undertaking’, PM Jacinda Ardern saysPlay Video00:47
On the Christchurch Call’s second anniversary, Ardern hopes work being done will prevent others from suffering the same impacts as the March 15 terrorist attack. Source: 1 NEWS
Along with France, New Zealand is leading a push to rid the world of extremist and terrorist content online – known as the Christchurch Call.

The initiative follows the horrific terrorist attack that took place in New Zealand in 2019, which was livestreamed and stored online.

Today, Ardern and co-chair Emmanuel Macron hosted world leaders, tech company executives and affected communities – including Kiwi Muslim leaders – in a virtual Christchurch Call summit.

Biden’s absence from Christchurch Call summit does not make USA’s recent joining ‘lip service’ – Ardern
Attendees of the summit included US secretary of state Anthony Blinken, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and other heads of government.

Ardern said the agreement, which brings together countries and tech companies to try and de-radicalise online spaces, had “such momentum”.

“We will not … prevent future atrocities such as what we experienced here on March 15 unless we work together,” she said.

Jacinda Ardern opens Christchurch Call summit, targeting terrorist and extremist online contentPlay Video03:17
The online summit included French president Emmanuel Macron British PM Boris Johnson. Source: 1 NEWS
The group has devised a new work program for the next year – and among its goals is tweaking how people are served up online content by tech companies.

A key finding of the Royal Commission into the Christchurch Mosque attacks was that the terrorist responsible – Australian man Brenton Tarrant – was radicalised on YouTube and other online spaces while viewing white supremacist material.

YouTube is programmed, using algorithms, to link users to similar videos, which can lead to vulnerable people being saturated in extremist content.

After her country’s experience, Ardern wants to see this change – and believes that it is happening.

“That is probably the biggest focus for the Call community over the next year,” she said.

“Let’s have that conversation around the ethical use of algorithms, and how they can be used in a positive way and for positive interventions.

“When we look at the environment in which the terrorist for March 15 was radicalized, even in that period in those two years there has been significant change by many of the platforms.

“Algorithms are where many of us are looking to.”

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki said on Twitter her company was continuing “to strengthen our policies, improve transparency, and restrict borderline content”.

After holding out on membership for two years, the US joined up as a supporter of the call this week.

China and Russia are not members, which challenges the initiative’s effectiveness.

The Christchurch Call has also developed a protocol which can intervene to stop the livestreaming of similar attacks.

This has occurred twice, during a 2019 shooting in Halle, Germany and a 2020 attack in Glendale, Arizona.

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