I worked on new software for my website like crazy … BUT…

I had been throwing lots of effort into creating some new software for my AfricanCrisis website. I was working like crazy, almost day and night for Friday and Saturday in order to get it in and get it going. Everything looked great.

Then in my final testing on my actual website I ran into a damned problem that I had not seen before. 3 hours of effort later and I realised I wasn’t going to be able to solve it quickly.

So late on Saturday I aborted the further release of the software.

I could not put it out with this particular problem – it would have made all of you go crazy.

So I need to rewrite a certain portion of my software and test that before I can get it out.

I’m running very far behind on my monthly schedules including my donations. So I’ll do the software fixes inbetween doing other things.

I am guessing that by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be ready to make another attempt to get the new software out.

Apart from the one issue that was a real deal breaker, everything else had gone smoothly and I was getting excited to finally have my stuff up and out. It was most annoying.

But I’ll be back later this week. Just bear with me.

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