How Jewish Elites Destroyed National Geographic Magazine – My Comments


[Yes, I noticed the Jewish control of NG and all its Jewish politicised crap. Bummer. Yet another good thing goes down the toilet. The same has happened to Youtube. Jan]

There was a time – many years ago – when I believed that Whites and Jews could coexist peacefully and in a symbiotic way. That we were kind of on the same side against the Third World hordes menacing us. To put it mildly I no longer believe that. Despite some brave and honourable Jews out there it’s clear to me now that as a people they’re biologically programmed to undermine their White host nations and nothing we can do will ever change that. As soon as they get a foothold in any organisation they will, like termites, burrow away until it’s reduced to a hollowed-out simulacrum of the original, usually serving an agenda diametrically opposed to that of its founders.

The examples are unlimited. I noticed just recently that the last non-Jewish President of Harvard took office in 1953. And we know what Harvard has become, with the people for whom it was founded representing a small and declining proportion of the faculty and student body resulting, inter alia, in plummeting academic standards. A similar transformation of another institution – National Geographic – was brought home to me recently as I waited in a medical surgery. They had stacks of the magazine dating back to 2009. Back then it was prestigious to the point of being an acceptable academic reference. It’s articles were informative, well-written and politically neutral. Its photography was the stuff of legend.

Then in 2014 Susan Goldberg took over as Editor. And destroyed the journal by transforming it into a platform for anti-White, anti-Christian propaganda. Goldberg makes a great deal of her anti-racism and devoted one whole edition to the topic. Professing herself horrified at NG’s past racism she apologised on behalf of her predecessors.

That such racism was based on scientific fact was irrelevant as when she sorrowfully admitted that it was ‘very hard to read’ an earlier edition that ranked Australian aborigines as "the lowest in intelligence of all human beings.” Sort of Hate Fact I suppose.

By now NG has now become unrecognisable, obsessively focused on race. Or more to the point debunking the concept. An article by Jewish geneticist David Reich claimed that ‘there are no indigenous people—anyone who hearkens back to racial purity is confronted with the meaninglessness of the concept’. This is not only untrue – it’s a downright lie because no geneticist believes such nonsense.

No surprise that Goldberg’s anti-racism doesn’t apply to her own tribe. She strongly identifies as Jewish. Her husband is a Jewish real estate lawyer – what a benefit to society – and she spent time in a kibbutz in her teenage years. Articles on Israel are invariably favourable and strangely, the multiculturalism that seems to be so good for the goyim doesn’t – according to NG – work in Israel for some unspecified reason. No surprise either that NG circulation has nosedived being now little more than half of what it was ten years ago.

But Goldberg and her ilk don’t care. Like every parasite she’ll flee to richer pickings when her host dies. Or succumbs to the parasites to put it more accurately.

She takes great pride in being the first Jewish editor of NG. If Harvard is anything to go by she’ll be the first of a long line. Providing NG survives their depredations.

Originally appeared at: The Irish Savant


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