How did the Romans learn to swim?

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[It turns out that swimming was a very important skill for the kickass Romans! Jan]

Swimming was an important skill for the ancient Romans, especially for their military and naval operations. The Romans learned to swim in a variety of ways:

Bathhouses: Bathhouses were an important part of Roman culture, and many had swimming pools. Young boys were often taught to swim by their fathers or older male relatives in these pools.

Military training: Roman soldiers were required to be able to swim, so they were often trained in swimming as part of their military training.

Naval training: The Roman navy also required sailors to be able to swim, so they were trained in swimming as part of their naval training.

Private tutors: Wealthy Romans could hire private tutors to teach them or their children how to swim.

Trial and error: Some Romans may have learned to swim simply by trial and error, by practicing in shallow water or with the help of flotation devices until they were able to swim on their own.

Overall, the ancient Romans placed a high value on swimming, and it was considered an important skill for both military and civilian life.


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