How CUNNING is Donald Trump? The Polls seem so bad …Is he CERTAIN of victory?

I have wondered how cunning Trump is. I’ve also wondered the same thing about Adolf Hitler, and I’m certain that Hitler was very sharp… The polls and the news about Trump seem to be worse than last time. However, I did listen to a small part of an interview that Trump gave to Dan Bongino a former secret service guy, and Trump told him that the polls are all lies and that his people doing the polling have very different numbers.

So it could be a case of the Jews and Liberals lying through their teeth and perhaps trying to use their mass media to demoralise people and make people feel hopeless, helpless, etc. You’re typical mind-control of the leftist scum.

But I have wondered whether Trump deliberately goes into his elections looking bad … but secretly having figured everything out beforehand.

In the 2016 election, when I was following the initial results coming in, I was convinced that Hillary Clinton’s lot had the whole thing rigged and that Trump had something deeper going … where they pulled a rabbit out of their hat and thus won. That thing was a slam-dunk for Hillary and then something turned it around.

I know about the electoral college votes being more important than the the actual number of votes cast.

I do think there is more to Trump than meets the eye.

I hope he wins. I think the 2nd term will be better. This time he has nothing to lose. Hopefully he goes for broke and does wilder stuff.

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