How Communist Jews Rewrote History To Convince Gullible Blacks They Wuz Kangs


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Benighted Blacks have always been putty in the hands of the Jews — easily manipulated and molded into willing “golems” — a mythical Frankenstein-like monster created by rabbis to destroy their perceived oppressors and enemies.

As the earliest European explorers have attested in their extensive writings, what they witnessed when first setting foot in sub-Saharan Africa was utterly appalling — a primitive people living as bare subsistence hunter-gatherers, no written language, clothed only in animal skins and grass skirts when not completely naked, practicing cannibalism, brutal slavery, and wanton and gratuitous cruelty to each other.

Left to their own devices, these Europeans believed this savage black race with the mental capacity of mere children would probably go extinct within 200 years — consumed by constant butchery, disease, and malnutrition.

Unfortunately, Europeans did not leave these savages alone — instead do-gooder Christians foolishly believed that the only reason Africans were so backwards is that they lacked the civilizational benefits of Christianity — but as we can clearly see, 500 years of evangelization and monetary aid in Africa has wrought nothing but an unsustainable population explosion, more misery, hopelessness, poverty, and violence.

For further reading on this subject, we highly recommend the 1868 book, The Negroes In Negroland by Hinton Helper.

In this light, the preposterous idea that these people who could not even conceive of a wheel or cloth were somehow the progenitors of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and European culture is beyond laughable, but that’s exactly what a group of anti-White communist Jews set out to do — with typical Jewish chutzpah — to convince child-like Blacks that they are the rightful heirs to these glorious civilizations, which were “stolen” from them by brutal, cold-blooded Aryan “racists”.

This Jewish Afrocentric revisionism would ultimately culminate in Critical Race Theory — another Jewish brainchild created solely for the benefit of Jews — to inculcate White school children into cultural Marxism whose goal is to instill deep shame in their own “racist” history and ancestors.

Here we present an essay which shows how a small group of Jewish communist “intellectuals” rewrote western history and handed it to gullible Blacks on a silver platter — which they accepted uncritically — never suspecting that this material wasn’t meant for their own benefit but rather for the benefit of the Jews who created for their own selfish political exigencies.

This essay appears on a Substack blog — apparently republished from the unfortunately now-defunct blog Semitic Controversies — including the original footnotes for those who wish to do further reading on the subject. We have also embedded links to many CFT articles which corroborate everything this article contends.

Martin Bernal and Melville Herskowits: The Jews Who Created Afrocentrism

Afrocentrism – or the claim that (sub-Saharan) Africans were central to the creation of civilization as we know it (both historically and currently) – is one of several major quack historical theories out there that hasn’t been subjected to intense intellectual scrutiny — because it is protected by political defenders who throw just about everything they can think of in terms of abuse at their detractors. (1)

Whatever you may think of Afrocentrism as a theory, it is undeniable however that the jews have played a disproportionate role in creating it in its modern form. This jewish influence dates right back to the beginnings of Afrocentrism with the creation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in which jews — most notably [Romanian Jew] Henry Moscowitz — played a highly conspicuous role in organizing and funding. (2)

[Black communist] W.E.B. Du Bois was already by this point promoting the bare bones of an Afrocentric view of history that was heavily derived from the controversies between the British Egyptologists Flinders Petrie and Wallis Budge (the former was promoting a European origin of Egyptian civilization while the latter was promoting an ‘Afro-Asiatic’ origin).

At around this time pieces of Freemasonic influence came into Afrocentrism particularly with the increasing idea of the ‘Greek debt’ to Egypt — derived from Freemasonry’s pseudo-historical self-descriptions of its ‘Egyptian’ origins (3) — which saw its first full expression in [Black Guyanese-born] George James‘ 1954 book “Stolen Legacy” that was based almost entirely on Freemasonic works and ideas derived from them. (4)

[CFT Note: George James uses a dishonest intellectual sleight-of-hand trick here — claiming that the destruction of the Library of Alexandria purposefully “hid” the Black African contributions to civilization. What he fails to mention is that the original civilizations of North Africa were created by Whites — Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, and Israelites.]

This was also the time of the rise of jewish cultural anthropologists under the tutelage of a jewish Marxist crank named Franz Boas (5) — one of whom was a jewish anthropologist named Melville Herskovits. (6)

Herskovits is not a name well-known today outside of anthropological circles, but he was a key figure in providing the intellectual framework and evidential padding for Afrocentrism by stressing the importance of African ‘civilizations’ and denigrating European civilization. (7)

Without Herskovits’ involvement — as well as that of his Boasian cultural anthropological fellow travelers — it is unlikely that Afrocentrism as a theory would have got off the ground in an intellectual sense and would — in my opinion — have continued being the preferred fantasy of a small group of the more intellectual black nationalists.

This is especially true if the kind of woeful offerings still offered by ‘black scholars’ in their supposedly ‘peer-reviewed’ publications are anything to go by. (8)

However the contribution of Herskovits pales into obscurity compared to that made by [British Jew] Martin Bernal. Bernal — often wrongly assumed to be black by readers of his works — is the author of the infamous three-volume series “Black Athena” (1987) wherein he claims to ‘debunk’ the ‘Eurocentric’ arguments of the entire of classical scholarship in regards to Egypt, Greece — and to an extent Rome.

In the preface to the first volume of “Black Athena,” Bernal informs us that his personal jewishness is uppermost in his thoughts in writing “Black Athena” because he feels concerned about ‘virulent anti-Semitism’ — especially the ‘Holocaust’ and the Nuremberg Laws — and that it is to take on this ‘Aryan view’ of history (which, he claims, is championed by orthodox classical scholarship [which isn’t actually true]) — and is a threat to his ancestry that he has felt the urge to put pen to paper. (9)

Indeed Bernal believed that those he primarily attacked in “Black Athena” — both classical scholars (10) and the Greeks themselves – (11) were inherently racist and anti-Semitic. Bernal himself identified the ancient Egyptians as a black semitic people and thus conformed to the ideas of Wallis Budge that W.E.B. Du Bois had originally championed for much the same reason: as a way of justifying the ‘aggrieved nature’ of a minority in order to turn a revised version of history into an intellectual weapon against the European oppressors (12) whom Bernal frequently styled in terms of proto-Nazism. (13)

Like Boas and Herskovits, Bernal was a ‘popular front’ Marxist being the son of the jewish [and communist] scientist John Desmond Bernal (who unlike many long-time Marxists slavishly apologized for Stalin long after the latter’s death) — and like his father, Martin Bernal was a devoted communist, but one who had a shift in intellectual interests to his jewish and broadly-speaking ‘minority’ heritage in 1975 when Maoism — Bernal’s own philosophy and that which he studied as a Sinologist — was imploding due to the sustained failure of the cultural revolution for a decade or so.

That shift was the result of an evolving fashion on the Left for a form of Gramscian (i.e., ‘popular front’) Marxism called Eurocommunism — which was based on the re-reading of Marx as a ‘philosopher of liberation’ by Marxist thinkers like Louis Althusser, (14) which argued that the revolutionary class was not the urban workers (as Marx, Lenin and Trotsky believed), or the peasants (as Castro, Guevara and Mao believed) — but rather students and ‘liberation’ movements (for example homosexuals, blacks, feminists and so forth) were.

One of the ways that Eurocommunism worked — and still works — is to ‘re-write’ (or revise) the perceived self-description (or ‘autobiography’ as it is oft-referred to) of those it perceived/perceives to be ‘reactionaries’/’counter-revolutionaries’ — the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant [or WASP] being the most common target. (15)

This was a rather nice fit for Bernal’s need for a new intellectual raison d’etre in that he would re-write the ‘origin myth’ of Western civilization to be a non-European affair.

It fulfilled a fundamental need in Bernal to discredit the ‘racist historical narrative’ that — in his view — belittled jews and other minority groups in the West as being barely civilized barbarians and argue by way of intellectual revenge that the Europeans were really little more than barbarous half-educated savages who simply stole the legacies of minority groups — especially jews and blacks — and claimed them as their own creation after the fact.

To build such a theory from whole cloth is clearly a difficult thing to do, but Bernal did not have to perform this arduous task unaided. He could simply draw on the earlier themes and arguments of the half-baked ramblings of W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey and George James.

Hence Bernal’s otherwise incomprehensible defence of Freemasonic, Kabbalistic and Hermetic traditions that were used as the basis for their arguments by these authors as being supposedly ‘historical’): (16) place them inside the radical anthropological rubric of ‘black suffering and exploitation‘ by Europeans — developed by Boas and Herskovits among others — and then use his own academic training and pure brainpower to flesh the theory out with whatever evidence he could find. (17)

This would provide Bernal with a powerful tool to discredit European ‘colonial’ and ‘imperialist’ historical narratives that he believed had their origin in the study of the classical world and informed a ‘Eurocentric’ worldview that was inherently racist towards jews and blacks in particular — and was responsible in his view for producing the Third Reich and the ‘Holocaust’). (18)

Part of this transformation of Afrocentrism into a weapon to stigmatize, belittle and dehumanize Europeans affected by Bernal was to legitimize and institutionalize ‘black suffering’ as a historical fact and by so doing transform it into a political weapon to be used against the ‘white racist establishment’. (19)

This institutionalization of ‘black suffering’ was also done by Bernal — and Afrocentrists more broadly — in direct imitation of the institutionalization and sanctification of ‘jewish suffering’ by the Holocaust industry in the home of achieving the same results. (20)

That this is a consciously and deliberately constructed weapon is indicated by Bernal’s slipshod methodology (21) and his own fanatical but intellectually insubstantial attacks on his opponents. (22) In addition to the fact that Bernal’s work is almost tailor-made to appeal to those who perceive themselves ‘oppressed’ by a ‘white racist government‘. (23)

In essence Bernal — as the intellectual founder of modern Afrocentrism — is the jewish communist titan of a historical theory whose sole reason for existence is to denigrate, revile and spread hatred about Europeans as being the origin of all the evil in the world and against whom blacks must fight and who they must remove from power if they are to restore the ‘glories’ of their alleged past (since those of European origin are institutionally and inveterately racist against them according to Bernal and other Afrocentrists).

That Bernal created his theories — which culminated in ‘Black Athena’ — as an ideological weapon against the West to ensure the status and importance of minority groups (and provide a counter to the supposed ‘Eurocentric’ narrative of classical history) — and then make them politically conscious (as ‘Black Athena’ is hard to see as anything else than a proverbial ‘call to arms’ for ‘national liberation’ from white people) as a group (per Marxist theory) which then in turn would act as the catalyst for revolutionary anti-racist change — thus paving the way for a communist and then a socialist state (per Bernal’s Eurocommunism).

Therefore we can see that modern Afrocentrism is quite literally a jewish anti-Western conspiracy of a sort with the prototypical jewish communist Martin Bernal at the centre of the intellectual web pretending to be a harmless champion of ‘anti-racism’.


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