Horror of Horrors: Did Blacks build up Europe?


One of my supporters asked me to do a video about Europe, stating that the current conception being put forward by the Jews and Liberals is that BLACKS BUILT EUROPE! WTF? How bloody insane is that!!! I saw some months ago where they were trying the same move on the British.

But I was just astounded that they’re claiming the same nonsense for Europe.

Its all junk. Whites lived in the glaciers for 20,000 years. We have white skin because we lived in the Ice ages.

I have been doing about doing some basic videos about our origins. My most important topic in my videos for the near future is RACE WAR, and how to fight it and stuff like that. I think the time has come for me to discuss WAR clearly, especially with South Africans because we must face up to this possibility, and either way, we might need to make a violent break for freedom at some time anyway.

However, I will keep this request in mind, because I think this also plays into the stupidity whereby White Christians begin thinking we come from the Middle East, which we do NOT!

The way science is being perverted by these political agendas horrifies me.


Get it out of science and politics. Its destroying our race!

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