Holocaustianity and Christianity – My Comments: Jew Shock, When Whites go Wonky

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[I replied to Sarah and the people she wrote to as follows. Jan]

Hi Sarah,this is a very fascinating email to …. I don’t know their views in detail, but I did recall XXX challenging me on the issue of right vs wrong to which I replied.

In a nutshell, one is sitting with the problem of life in this reality, vs a maybe … life in the next reality. The known vs the unknown.

I myself was extremely spiritual during my entire life. I made myself suffer on many things where others were having fun. I walked, when I could have bought a car. I preferred to give a tenth, actually not, 20% of my gross salary to help others. I have the proofs … files full of donations, not to churches, but to valid organisations that helped orphans, the sick, etc. I got mails back thanking me for my generosity.

I lived a frugal life then, believing in good. I still live a frugal life now. In fact, my entire life was frugal.

But I realised that the race I belong to, is being destroyed and attacked …

The reason people believe in religion is really an emotional need. That was what I concluded about myself. As I grew old, gained confidence, I began to fight back, more and more. I began to see the wisdom of those before me, who had fought.

Even now, I see lots of Christians here in SA, totally “shell shocked” by what is happening. When reality visits them… when they finally realise the game, they are shocked to death by these things. It takes a physical toll on them. I can see it. Their minds are struggling.

Christianity is a tale that makes you feel good. Its a rather strange tale too, because a lot of it does not even make sense. But somehow, in this tale you FEEL GOOD … you FEEL that someone cares. You see evil around you and you cringe. In many ways it takes AWAY responsibility … in the end, GOD IS IN CHARGE and GOD ALWAYS KNOWS BEST and GOD WILL FIX THINGS WHEN HE DEEMS IT NECESSARY.

In the end, religion is merely an excuse to DO NOTHING. And I think it tells you more about the person believing in it, than anything else.

I was there. I walked the path. I felt overwhelmed by life … I did not want to fight myself then … but decades later … I realise the importance of fighting back.

You are trying to cajole people into fighting, who are themselves, mentally and emotionally ill-equipped to fight back. They know it in their own hearts and that’s why they don’t do anything. It is not just Christians. I have seen this in Liberals and others.

In many respects in life, I’ve concluded that things like voting and belief, tell you more about the person doing it, than it tells you about the rest of the world.

I think Hitler knew this firmly, and Hitler worked very carefully on his people to strengthen their minds so that they COULD FIGHT.

We are in the same position. Whites are a people who do NOT do things without a lot of thinking beforehand. Whites need firm reasons. They will not do violence unless they are convinced that the reason is good and solid. You will find a few leading, and many following. You CANNOT tell people to fight now. If they are not ready for it now, they won’t.

I have a German who lives near me. Really nice fellow. Very healthy, energetic, extremely clever … and yet a totally devoted, guilt-ridden German who has embraced stupid multicultural, Jew-ridden, South Africa. I’ve had to argue with the German explaining to him WHY GERMANS ARE GOOD FFS!

All one can do, is to put out one’s thoughts and to then leave people to make up their own minds.

If they are not ready, then they will find a reason to reject what you are saying.

FEAR plays a huge role in human life, even of whites, and FEAR is very important. Those who eventually fight are the ones who overcome fear.

My Boer Nazi pal, was a guy who also had a masters degree in psychology (earned at a time when these things meant something). He told me that when people move into prophecy, etc … they are becoming delusional … they mentally remove themselves from horrific things that they cannot deal with mentally/emotionally. We have that on a big scale here in SA. Big delusions around the “Boer Prophet” Van Rensburg. People BELIEVE … I’m talking … people SERIOUSLY BELIEVE … and I have met them face to face. They’re nice people, decent people, etc … but I think they are OVERWHELMED BY THE SHOCK OF REALITY.

I actually did a video series about this. I did a video about it, called: JEW SHOCK WHEN WHITES GO WONKY.

Its real, and tens of millions of whites suffer from it … when all those beautiful, lovely, gentle scripts unravel and you see the world for the horrific (beautiful) place that it is. Vast numbers of whites believed the lies. In the USA, I can see that the greatest delusion of the whites is multiculturalism. They think that LOVE will prevent WAR. They will yet discover that LOVE makes the RACE WAR EVEN WORSE…

The Jew plies his trade on the weak. Christianity is a story that is told in order to make people FEEL BETTER. It gives false hope to the hopeless and in reality actually sends them further down the path to destruction faster. I know Christians. I have Christian friends. They struggle in life. Life is harsh to them. They need something to make them feel better or else they would have to consider KILLING THEMSELVES. I’ve been there. I’ve BEEN SUICIDAL. I was suicidal for YEARS when I was young. I was totally suicidal from about the age of 16-27. Then it slowly left me as I grew older.

I WANTED TO BELIEVE. NOBODY WANTED TO BELIEVE MORE THAN ME. I spent 20 years trying to PROVE that prophecies would come true…. I tried. I tried until I couldn’t any more.

Now I look back on my life and I realise I was unable to cope EMOTIONALLY. I felt very downtrodden. But I eventually quietly, slowly, gained confidence in myself. Interestingly, I gained confidence through my WORK. My work and my achievements in my work allowed me to find confidence. Just as the Germans say … work is good for you. Indeed it is. WORK is the best therapy there is.

Life IS CRUEL. The Earth IS BRUTAL. I am lucky in this sense, because in Africa there is a lot of brutality and cruelty which is very much hidden from Americans and others. So we have cruelty and brutality … and often for the dumbest of reasons.

Does life have a value? Actually … not much of a value. A person’s life can be worth less than $10. Whites have been killed for less than that.

Christians are clinging to things because they know in their own minds, they are not ready for the hideous options. And one cannot cajole them or rush them. One also must respect their own judgement about themselves. One should not push them. You’re pushing them over the edge. Leave them. They will think and they will change.

I do believe that ultimately, each white person will find his own WINDING PATH to reality. Either that, or, a few of them will die, clinging to the hope of a big win in the afterlife, like my oldest sister did.

I try to say a few things, while respecting that Christians, even the deepest believers, will ultimately follow their own minds, their own logic. We live in a huge lie… and it is horror when we find out that its not true and that brutality rules. The Jews might themselves be among the most deluded mentally. A mentally sick people themselves spreading their sickness to others.

I think, in the final assessment, that we are undergoing a MASSIVE change as a people… a HUGE CHANGE in this age of the Internet. We’re being hit with Jew Shock full on: Holocaust … 911 … Christianity … and many many more… Its huge when the carpet is ripped out from under the feet of our entire race. But its also good. I think 50 years from now we will be a better people.

For Christians… the biggest shock awaits … that everything they believed … might not be true at all … none of it. Not a word of it. For them, the JEW SHOCK is ENORMOUS.

Yet, at Christmas time, the Christians will put up the Xmas tree, and exchange presents at mid-winter solstice … celebrating the “birth of Jesus” when in fact … everything they are doing is PAGAN … and the happiness they are experiencing comes from Pagans who merely faced the hideous world and THRIVED IN IT.

We will return to that world. Nietzsche predicted that Christianity would need a few centuries to disappear and that it would flare up from time to time even as it was dying. My prediction is that you will see Jews running around like crazy trying to fan the last flames of Christianity … because for the Jews … when Christianity dies … THEY DIE … PHYSICALLY … they WILL DIE … But when Christianity dies, the whites will be laughing, confident and CRUSHING their enemies. We will laugh at the death of the Jews … and if a rare Jew is spotted he will be put out of his misery like the dog that he is.

We will wonder, why we were so foolish to ever have believed in this nonsense and why it holds us back.

My final warning, which I made to Americans on a show before I went to the USA: BEWARE of EMOTIONAL LOGIC. This is the most dangerous thing of all that the Jew will foist upon you. EMOTIONAL LOGIC is something women love. Emotional logic … that love conquers hate… blah blah… Is the most dangerous logic of all. This is true madness. But I see the USA is falling for it big time …

True LOGIC, Aryan and White thinking… as cold and as hard as steel as it is … has served us the best. We must never abandon it. NEVER.

Is race real? Definitely. We are bonded by BIRTH. We are all PHYSICALLY RELATED … we can ALL trace our roots back to Europe. WE ARE BROTHERS, SISTERS, COUSINS … BY BLOOD … BY NATURE … BY BIRTH. And in the end, this is the most valuable thing of all … for it did good for us, whereever we went. Nothing else matters at all. NATURE passed on to each of us, in our DNA, the achievements of our ancestors, and that blood runs inside all of us. That DNA is everything. It is our real gold, our real diamonds.

No farmer, would want his excellent herd of fine cattle to be destroyed … nor would a horse breeder want inferior horses to breed with those he has.

Yet, whites do not reserve any of this critical logic that every cattle, horse, dog, cat, fish breeder on earth knows to be fact, to apply to us?

Suddenly, when its about breeding us … suddenly, the laws of nature no longer apply!?!? Isn’t that the ultimate insanity?

The only people foisting equality on us, ARE THE UNEQUAL. For the Jews, feeding us the equality lie is critical to them, because if they don’t get it right … THEY WILL BE KILLED OUTRIGHT … by the next generations of whites…. I’m sad that I won’t be alive to view such a joyous occasion. 🙂

Take care,

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