Hmmm…. Demented Biden might lose America 2 Wars in less than a year! Way to go!


I’m busy looking at the end result of where all the Russian Vs Ukrainian stuff is going. Initially I thought Biden might actually call on the US Military and NATO to do something. What I was unaware of was that Ukraine is not yet an actual member of NATO. I thought it was or was on the verge of being one. So all of NATO is not doing a single thing. Not a single soldier is actually going in to help Ukraine. So the Ukranians are on their own.

And the US Military which could give the Russians a real hard time with their air power tactics … won’t be in action.

It’s looking as if Biden is about to lose America 2 wars in less than a year.

What a total asshole he is!

Trump is just laughing at Biden.

Biden had the perfect chance to look good … and he totally f*cked it up. Americans ALWAYS rally to support anyone who uses the military.

Britain’s "war effort" is to cut Russia out of the SWIFT banking system. Hahahahaha.

Methinks Putin’s cruise missiles are quicker and more effective than losing SWIFT banking access.

Well, anything that sinks Biden is good.

Honestly, it is amazing how he bungled this.

The West are going to come out of this looking like a total bunch of pricks.

Really weak. Really pathetic.

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